Help Name Our Website

I like stackoverflow and privatevoid, but I came up with as another alternative.

Hm, how about

I also liked fizzbuzz. :slight_smile: I think the whole “two innocuous words” thing might generally be good, particularly if it’s going to be a social site.

Hahaha, would be amusing, though probably not ideal. :slight_smile: Sigh, I’m probably just giving these all away to squatters.


why not

Having voted for, I’d like to add (or .com or .org, of course).

Oh, and isn’t taken. At least, not as I’m writing this… :slight_smile:


How about:

completecoder or thecompletecoder
procoders or pro-coders
thecoders or the-coders

And my personal favorite:


hehe fun, here is my 10 min, havent had time to test. (courageous… :slight_smile: ) (code focus … ( or code f#ck us, hehe ) )

But why not invent a name? Seem to me that alot of company names take 2 words and combine. Maybe Micro-soft started that trend. I once did a “company name” generator by combining two words, very funny. But dosent add any charm. You could just as well play Frodo112 or L3g0las in wow or some other sick world. Or maybe some other culture, Ubuntu is doing alright with their name.

But good luck! :slight_smile:

Don’t worry about cost associated with a domain squatted name - just but it, that’s what I did.

You’ll get the name you want, and domains are real estate - location, location, location.

A developer community website is a great idea. I like IT Toolbox for professional networking but it is too broad in scope. Maybe you should name it “MyCode” if you want it to be the MySpace for developers.

ASP.NET Weblogs has been accepting everyone to blog there but I don’t see a strong community being created. I still think you need video communication to create a real sense of community. I’ve found several developer podcasts but they are scattered and hard to keep track of.

The name should be funny so when people leave your website they remember it, but it should be easy to see that it’s funny. privatevoid requires some thinking for instance

Manrico Corazzi: “what-the-hack”, ha!

I like that the best, but “” tops everything else on your list by a mile.

Remember there are other top level domains besides .com, too.

what about devshag
or is it to 80’ies

I would recommend this article; [yet another developer community site] [oh god not another developer community site]

You’re much better off, IMHO, thinking of a distinctive, catchy name that doesn’t mean anything

This sounds like great advice until you try to actually do it.

doublefudge… you have no imagination!!! The following .com names are all available at the time of writing:

And so the list goes on…

These took me a matter of seconds to think up.

I often don’t know what the title of a particular blog post will be until I’m 90% done writing it. This is a normal workflow, at least for me: things do not reveal themselves until you near the end.

So true. I appreciate you asking everyone to make suggestions, as I too have a hard time naming things. With this in mind, I hope you’ll come back when things are a bit more fleshed out (and not so private :wink: and ask for more suggestions if you still need them. I’m sure people will be more able to come up with appropriate suggestions.

Best of luck!

First of all, I wish you the best of luck, I really enjoy reading your blog.

I was wondering why you have not applied the rule ‘double clikcing sucks’ to the voting button. :slight_smile: