Help Name Our Website

thatsmeoverthere (reference to OO object pointers)
inthefoot (where C++ allows you to shoot yourself)
seerecursion (in joke)

I’m annoyed that twiddlebits/bittwiddlers were already taken. Astonishingly, hackerscum.* is not taken :slight_smile:

Does anyone remember a company named Stack Overflow a few years ago? They had a great pre-Ajax product that helped you combine JavaScript and DHTML on your web pages. It did not catch on at the time, but it should have. I think the name was Mosquito, but I am not sure., I meant, obviously.

Anyways, I think you want to keep it as meaningful as you can with the fewest syllables. Some of these names are just way too esoteric (understandrecursion? shiftleft1? Really…?) I mean, what is your site ABOUT? or
I like humbledeveloper and programmer too. Stackoverflow sounds too much like a security site that might get trafficked heavily by “k00l d00dz”. gosubten is actually not that bad, but if you are going that route, you might try to get a little more esoteric

I wonder if Jeff is jumping on the bandwagon of gated communities? I have some ideas of what I hope this site is going to be, now the wait to see if it is.

I really like it gives you a sense of just so much going on and that its the place to be that draws you there.

SegFaulters was a good one too (forget who said that above)

Adding an S to humbledeveloper would make it nicer, to show it is a community and not a single person.

I haven’t checked these but figured I should throw them in: (facebook play?) (hmm idk about STD tho…)

and oh no, please not 2cores1thread…


You’re welcome to have if it’s appropriate - I don’t use it anymore. It doesn’t have the same insider joke appeal as or

How about or the like?

ooh, how about

I own and would be willing to donate it to the right community site effort. Ping me if you’re interested.

I hope all of those haven’t already been squatted. It’s a shame that a poll like this can actually be dangerous to you. I like the abstract names. privatevoid, stackoverflow, etc…

Posting domain names on a public forum is a bad idea. I sent my suggestion via email.

How about ? The Instant Domain Search site you linked lists it as not taken

How about ? FollowersOfKnuth? DisciplesOfKnuth?

Few more: (if you like fizzbuzz)