Help Name Our Website is such a great name, I’m gonna go register it.

@Flaky - “What do you know, I voted for the correct answer, along with 24% majority!”…

What do you mean by “correct”? When it comes to something that is a matter of taste, there are no “right” or “wrong” opinions.

Also, the following from the list have been registered already:

Let’s hope Jeff has them!


Yeah, they pretty much all suck, sorry.

The criteria that important to me when considering a domain name are:

  1. Say it out loud. Does it roll off the tongue? Is it catchy and distinctive, or cumbersome and tricky? Short and evocative words and phrases with few syllables are best.

  2. Write it by hand. Does it have any confusing words that might be hard to spell? Would you mind seeing it printed in stationary or on business cards? A good URL should look visually pleasing and fit in well with other textual elements in a design.

  3. Type it out. Does it contain any tricky characters or sequences of characters? Do you have to glance at your keyboard to type it out? A good URL should be ergonomically easy to type. Typing the URL shouldn’t cost users any kind of effort.

I can see that you are going for an approach that intentionally avoids the Web 2.0 style: short, too-clever, misspelled, enigmatic, whimsical, etc. Do, however, try to avoid the opposite extreme: long, bland, too-literal, and lacking in humor or spark.

With regards to this specific naming task, I would be careful about choosing computer jargon in the domain name. If you choose jargon that requires, say, undergraduate-level CS knowledge, you might alienate younger and less experienced programmers. If you choose jargon that requires an appreciation of low-level hardware or programming, you might alienate those that have always worked at higher levels of abstraction.

Good luck ;]

You’re much better off, IMHO, thinking of a distinctive, catchy name that doesn’t mean anything

This sounds like great advice until you try to actually do it.

I’ve spend 50-100 hours trying to find domain names, and it really is hell. This list has some pretty good options. And I think this is one case where a public opinion poll can actually be useful.

Stack Overflow, Private Void and Off Duty Ninjas sound awesome to me. =) anyone? [groan]

My suggestion

ui me ui u .com?

in short:

ah, haha, though the site was for UI but missed that the “problem” was about UI. Plz disregard my comment above :slight_smile:

I don’t know why ninjas keep popping up when i read stuff like this.
is there a relationship between ninjas and developers??

I loved, but it looks like you’ll be paying to use that one.

Maybe to need to tap pop culture for ideas not taken… howabout

How about:

I hope you bought all those names before some bastard sits on them.
Fat bastard squated on my domain.

How about

I’ll emphasise again that I think you should keep references to hacking out of the equation - it’s guaranteed script-kiddie bait.

How about some l33t? (WHOIS claims the following are available)

Since I’m on a roll, how about IBM’s famous magic debug value, DEADBEEF?

For that matter, the OpenSolaris magic debug value is hillarious, but will probably draw the wrong people to your site.

what about:

  • what-the-hack
  • hackitecture
  • soft-spot
  • soft-where
  • code-me-in
  • code-uncovered

coding honor .com