Help Name Our Website

If I were to be bad, I’d register them all.

I’m sure this isn’t what you were going for but I’ve always thought it’d be funny to name a WTF type website:

Codetarded is the term I made up for smart people who code very badly (code + retarded). It’s certainly not P.C. and could be offensive but I still laugh when I think of it.


dunno Jeff, perhaps if we knew a teensy weensy bit more about what the site was about we might be better placed to pick a more appropriate name …

“Hack”, “hacker” and “hacking” have too many negative connotations attached to them for the average person - also those words attract script-kiddies like rotting meat attracts flies.

I reckon you should go for something catchy and meaningless. Something that sticks in peoples heads. Something that won’t sound dreadfully outdated in 5 years time. (Could Markov chains help? lol)

Oh, and “programmer2programmer” sounds like a geek dating site. Eww.

Haha Rich, I like that would be a very accurate name for a site that has free code/coding info and forums for developer…if it is a pay/member site then it would have to be

not Rich…I meant Michael G

I think gosub10 would be the best. It’s a classic.

My favourite is stackoverflow. It just sounds quite good. privatevoid is also pretty good, but my fear is that it’s too language oriented, unless of course the website is language oriented.

HelloWorld must be gone, surely.

What do you know, I voted for the correct answer, along with 24% majority! It’s the only one that really sticks out as a catchy name, the others are forgettable, or downright bad.

Unfortunate domain names?

I read as “fellatio whackers”.

I voted for privatevoid, but stackoverflow is winning. :frowning:

Everyone who’s read a newspaper in the last 10 years knows what a stack overflow is.

I like Michael G’s idea, or some variant, like

Two suggestions for picking domains:

  2. Write your shortlist of ~5 on paper. Show to friend. Take paper away. Ask friend to recall the names and see what they can remember. Repeat.

OneGoToRuleThemAll :wink:


heheh yea, I agree with “M”, only you can put a name, cuz you know what this is all about.

We can only scream geeky names.

how about

Dave Crozier :

But stackoverflow sounds good too.