Help Name Our Website

On July 9th, you can have, which I had to rename after my beta testers of my anonymous secrets site failed to tell me that while they loved the name, they wouldn’t want it in their employers’ log files. So, I had to buy

It’s easy to remember, at least, and it’ll work for a lot of ventures: computer security, astronomy, and so forth. Plus, nerds should get the reference.

I prefer humbleprogrammers to humbledevelopers simply because, even on the internet, developers don’t necessarily devlop software. writeoncereadmany is hard to read. I had to really look at that before I figured out how the words broke down. privatevoid could easily be misconstrued…
To be honest, if you can get around the obvious ego-trip, you might be better off naming it something more personal, like Those of us who read your blog would at least know wha that was about (I think), and google would find your site ffor people looking for what’s on your site, even if the name doesn’t mean anything to them.

I seriously took several minutes deciding between, and They both have the flair of jokes like calculus’s tangent to your curve, but also have an air of professionalism. dereferenced has more professionalism, but privatevoid is so endearing, I can hardly describe it.:slight_smile:

(it’s a recursive contradiction, douglas hofstaedter has a fancy name for these kinds of contradictions in “Goedle, Escher, Bach”)

how about “

Too bad there isn’t much support for I found cargo cults an enthralling phenomonon years before finding byself in an IT department mired in this antipattern. Sadly, the term itself is too perfect to ever get 2nd place in my book.

how about crazy-coders

maybe “”?

what about “”?

…umm, you did stake some sort of claim to these first right? Since you mentioned squaters in the article, I couldn’t help but worry that you might just be revealing your hand to these sycophants.

Choose a name that better fits the content of the website.

How about Or (can’t believe this one is available, but it is) (ditto)

My firewall at work is blocking the polling site (weirdness) but my vote goes for Simply to remember and type, really covers a lot of what you do here too.

Or if you wanted something crazy, go with I always thought that would be a cool band name, but alas, I’m not that good. 8^D

Just for reference:
Biquinary -
Idempotent -

How about

I made sure it’s available.

I voted other with my actual vote going to

Had to go with myself. I really don’t like multi-word domain names.

“stack-overflow” is good. What about “zero-division”? I like names that remind me to problems in programming. It’s humbling. That’s what attracted me to Coding Horror in the first place!

I was about to suggest “floating-point”, but it’s already taken. As a matter of fact, many of the computer-names that I’m thinking of have already been taken. However, surprisingly, “binary” is still free!

What about these?

Good luck!

I think you have to know what something is about before you can name it. Take for example, sounds like a site about security. Or, which sounds like a sex site.

Tell us roughly what it is and we’ll help. Then again, be careful, some people might just snap up all of those domains.

Good luck,