Help Name Our Website

Get Gary Larson’s gigantic book of life work, open to random pages, and brainstorm from there.

Don’t bother with any constraints during the brainstorming.(Even taken domain names! … Just use them as starting points to generate more names.)

Figure out a rational for why some name fits after the fact.

Here’s one to get you started:

stackoverflow sounds good…

here’s one more

I own the following domain, but think it deserves a more proactive caretaker: = “developer community site”

The name is right under your nose.

If you want to be fancy, use a subdomain.

(wink, wink)

Can’t decide on site content until it has a name. Can’t give it a name until decide on content so name will reflect it. I’m reminded of that episode of Star Trek with Harry Mud. Maybe you need a name that reflects recursion or a Catch-22. is not bad, but Impossibly better :-

Your current list is good, but the only stand out is

If your goal is to have the best site to visit for software developers, I would recommend (It is currently taken and redirects to a blog)
(“when I get to the top of the bottom of the stack!!!”)
I know, the Manson family ruined it…
(so much for food references…) (for you object oriented types…) (for you assembler hackers…)

If I can think of anything else!

I would go with a crazily-named, Web 2.0 site. The question to my mind is, how does a user find your site via the google search bar? What will they see if they type in “private void” or “stack overflow”? Just call it oinkyboinky and be assured of the #1 result in a search :slight_smile:

What about something like I just checked and it’s still available and most developers experience the “coding rocks” phenomenon frequently.

The answer is right there in your question:

How about…

My primary rules for domain names are:

  1. Try to make it two syllables. This makes it easier to spread word of mouth.

  2. You must be able to advertise it on the radio without spelling it. This also makes it easier to spread word of mouth.

  3. No freakin’ dashes.

Rule #2 automatically disqualifies,, and

I was so frustrated by the lack of good names I chose this one for my domain.

“there’s not a good name left”



Why not just use your already succesful branding? My vote for