Help Name Our Website

segfaulters haha i lold at that…
when i think of names i try to cat them like this: bad adjectiveorgood adjectiveword with anything computer-y with it
and stuff…

btw i like segfaulters… xD

I think sounds like a programming oriented comic strip, with being more like a WTF type site.

but my vote goes for

This was my vote as well, but anything less popular than (other) can’t be a wise choice…

Thanks again for all the domain name suggestions. There are some good ones, although I wish you’d do a better job of checking if the domain name is taken before posting it (and yes, some of these suggestions were registered way back in 2000). :slight_smile:

I cannot vote from office (the poll site is filtered), but the first name that popped to my mind is

You’ll want to select a name with a winning stress pattern:


I would have picked if it was there tho…

Shame its already taken:

Now to register that awesome domain name… j/k

You’re much better off, IMHO, thinking of a distinctive, catchy name that doesn’t mean anything

Such as… what? I’d appreciate it if those of you who voted (other) would offer some kind of alternat name suggestions.

I agree w/ this approach. Like what the developer of “” uses for his products, synthetic names that suggest something.

Or you could use Latin (like the popular tech site “arstechnica”) or Greek. techsophos or peritusapiens (skilled wise man or something?).

Voted for humbleprogrammer, btw.

Jeff, your poll is worthless. You need to shuffle the results. The names in the middle of the pack won’t garner their fare share of votes.

You should begin shuffling the order of the domains and throwout any votes from before that point in time. seems so cliche anyways… It almost could be a nickname of one of the characters in the movie Hackers, like their dog or cat.

i would try a few different random name gens to get you at least moving. even if it doesn’t give you what you want, it may lead you down some alternative directions.

Whether screen name or website name, I’ve also agonized, however in the end, the right one pops into my head. I still am amazed about naming myself “Bob the Fish” in some places. It’s perhaps one of the least reactive, most unassuming name I’ve come across, which means less fights, yet, apparently s original enough that I’m always remembered. The Postindustrialist was a reference to a few books regarding a post manufacturing, or Post-Industrial age, where information and data were the main “goods” from which an economy’s wealth were gained. Kind of appropriate, for someone today, no?

I just recently had issues taking a website and naming it myself, For the longest time, I used “Ex Machina Press” on the books I’ve bound, the websites of my own that I’ve developed, or built as a “template” for others, (all long since gone), and was considering registering the site for another project. Turns out someone aready owns it.

After agonizing for a long long while, I simple looked over at my router, realized my network has a rather morbid naming theme (Computer 1 (retired): Cerberus, Computer 2(work): Sisyphus, Computer 3(personal): Orpheus… I think I decide to buy a desktop for downloading multimedia and testing new software, I’ll just name it Charon and wish it luck on its journey to the underworld.)

Looking at the router, whose wireless network is Elysian Fields, I decided on naming the (yet untouched, however purchased) site

I wish i could help more, but it sounds rather vague, “a software developer community site”.

What languages?


How are you going to deal with that?

What level of experience are you aiming for?
Your name will subtly state what sort of experience is expected. “humbledevelopers” is going to feel more open to beginners, much like “Coding horror” does, but mentioning subroutines or of particular techniques is going to drive them away.

-Also, think of how else a name might be taken. Yeah, the fello whackers. But also “privatevoid” makes you sound like an angsty teenage emo-infatuated girl. Either that or an incredibly angsty goth with too much make-up. Anything with “Hacker” in it is going to be somewhat avoided by a particular group, because the word itself, in the gerenal public, is both demonized (Those damned hackers!!! they somehow hacked my brain and made me forget my myspace password!!!) or regarded as pertaining to a bunch of teenage kids that think they really know computers.

What kind of software are you planning on focusing on? Part of that is going to determine the languages that are going to be primarily used.

More to come.

Went through the same thing before finally settling on (since it didn’t pidgeon-hole the content like and a couple others would have).

Anyhow, if you get stuck, you could always just buy one of mine, Jeff.

I’ve got more, but don’t want to blatantly spam. :wink: lol.


(hint: see )

I also like the dailywtf’s constant references to “Codethulu”, so try and work that in somehow.

You may find the Igor Naming Guide a helpful resource when selecting a product or company (or website) name:

When our company had to abandon our previous name, Soldier Vision, we found the Igor Naming Guide a helpful resource. If nothing else, it helped us approach the problem of renaming our company in a more systematic manner. The Igor Naming Guide advocates selecting strong, evocative company names over weak, functional names.

In the end, we selected Primordial as our new company name. Igor included us in their case study on defense industry companies on pages 33 and 87.

Hope that helps!

My 2 cents:

But to be honest Jeff should do it!!, it has the traffic, is well known, and it is already YOUR brand. let us know why you are not considering it.

What about www.returnzero.whatever

Chose humbleprogrammers, since this would be inviting if I saw this in my search results. My second would have been stackoverflow, because this is the exact problem I have with my pet project atm :slight_smile:

I suppose now is a good time to mention that my license plate is “VOID PTR.” It took much soul-searching to find it. :slight_smile: