LCD Monitor Arms

I’ve got a 20" turned sideways to match up with the vertical on my 30" (and its an Apple, so no VESA mount for me I guess), but I haven’t noticed any problem with font rendering over on that sideways one. Of course most of my PDF reading is done on the main screen, or maybe I don’t have Cleartype turned on, and don’t know what I’m missing.

The one thing that seems to stand out more, is when syntax coloring against black, the colors seem to be at different depths. Very disturbing if you pay too much attention to it.

You can get VESA mounts from Apple for Apple LCDs; check the ergotron site for how:

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There is some shaking, but the desk itself is on carpeting. One monitor (the heavier of the two - a Dell 20" and a Viewsonic 20") is much worse than the other. Since they’re side by side, I think if I used a strip or two of packing tape across the back, that should enough rigidity to stabilize things.

I’ll post pics if anyone is interested (once I clean my desk)

Xepol, I’m interested in seeing your IKEA LCD monitor lights… they sound like a great low-cost bias light technique, similar to what is documented here:

Like Kev in the above comments, I have the Dell 2405FPW (which is 15.4 lbs without the stand) that I thought would be perfect with the Ergotron Neo-Flex LCD arm. On the Ergotron website, I checked to make sure it could handle the weight before buying, and it states that it can take up to 18 lbs of load.

I find this to be incorrect.

Even after tightening up all the screws with an allen wrench, the monitor arm sags slowly with the weight of the LCD. No matter what I do, I can’t get it to sit in place unless I play around with it for a while and have the arm down low.

I’m pretty disappointed because I love the Neo-Flex except for this major detail and hate to go back to the included stand because of it, but I might, regardless of the $80 I spent.

Hey Jeff, is that a headphone/speaker splitter you’ve got your headphones plugged into? Can you please post details. They seem pretty hard to come by. Cheers.

@Patrick Henry,
We suggest a 20” monitor size limitation for the Neo-Flex Desk Mount. While the product should hold the weight, some larger or widescreen monitors have a CG (Center of Gravity) that is out of range and causes the arm to sag. Feel free to call our Tech Support at 800-888-8458. They are here in Minnesota and they may be able to help.

Since we aren’t able to physically test every monitor made with our arm we keep the specs below actual performance (in some cases). Our LX arm does work on many heavier monitors and many monitors over 20”. If you are planning to mount a monitor that is outside our suggested limits, I would call tech support to insure you have everything you need. You will probably need the 100 x 200 mounting adapter.

@David A. Lessnau,
I did provide 100X200 adapter bracket to Jeff. When I first wrote to Jeff about our products he had different monitors and I was sure the arms would work. But by the time the arms arrived, Jeff had purchased new monitors that were larger than spec. Our product specialists thought they would still mount so I shipped out the adapter plates and they worked.

We don’t have a product named the ergoflex. Is it the Neo-flex? Or is it a competing product?

I ordered the wall mount version (45-180-194) for my two Dell 2405PFW’s but didn’t read (until after my order) that Pat had posted that they didn’t seem to work with his. Thanks so much Steve for posting the tech support number… it turns out that the 2405’s are not supported. I was able to cancel my order in time from Provantage. Steve is there a model that will support these monitors?

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erf, i got my dual monitor arms on ebay for $40 and they’re fantastic. i looked for something heavy looking and metal and although i rock 20.1"s they’d have no problem with 24’s i am certain. with 20.1" monitors at $200 and under, you’d be a ifool/i not to hook yourself up if you have meaningful computer interaction more than ten hours a week. the additional usable desk space, the ability to adjust monitor height and angle, the ability to swivel it to my viewing position, these things are essential ergonomic features you’d be crazy not to grant yourself, even if you only make 36k$. if you’re a single parent too, well, sorry, i guess feeding jimmy may be more important.

John, I bring my own stuff in, because I’m mega-picky. I always negotiate the ability to bring in and use my own equipment whenever possible.

It’s a really nice setup. I know Vertigo is such a good company. But do they actually provide you with these 3 monitors? or you just bring your own stuff to your office.

I have a multiple display of Samsung 245BW: Great looking monitors, but I just can’t get the best set up for them: when in high res the text is too small and when watching movies the color is way off, this is all due to I am sure to my playimg with the settings - Anyway I was very interested to what setting you have you samsung to give the best performance.


Press the “fan” button on 245BW and select the mode you like. Even if you’ve got it out of wack by messing with the settings, this will get it back to a known mode. I prefer “movie” for just about everything, although “Sports” seems to add a lot of color depth, but that’s just me.

I noticed the specs for the model # (arms and mounts) used in your setup would not be able to handle 2 24" widescreen LCD’s on one mount. Is this correct or would I need two mounts with an arm on each, to mount my 2 24" Widescreen LCD’s?
Is there a model that can mount two 24" WS LCD’s side by side with one mount and 2 arms?

Thanks, Joe

How can the rest of us get our hands on the 200x100 for those arms ? Will Steve send them out to everyone ?

When I search online I can’t find any desk mount that supports 200x100 only wall mounts ( this is for the same samsung monitors, so weight is not a problem )

What desk is that? I think I’ve seen a pic of that desk on a different forum. I’m really wanting a corner/L desk with a curve like that in the center.

Nice writeup, I’ve been struggling with the ergonomics on my three monitor setup. This sounds perfect and I’m getting the same setup from Provantage for $272.91 + $40 SH.

@Rob I too am looking for the 200x100 plates I am going to call Tech Support shortly to find out how to get them. If I find anything out I will post back.