LCD Monitor Arms

@Rob - Here is the part number from Tech Support is 97-197-200.

Fuzz actually has a fairly nice VESA arm for a very low price - under $15.00.


I appreciate this info - oddly enough it is not easy to figure out the adapter number. I have looked everywhere for a VESA 100X200 arm for my Samsung 245T.

Lucky I stumbled on this blog.

Nice blog. Love the setup. I have 1 24" same model Samsung as you next to a 20 inch Dell but have been thinking of getting another matching 24" like you have for this same setup.

One question though is what videocard are you using to do this? I’ve looked at the Nvidia Quadro that has 4 heads and then the Matrox cards that have 3 heads. Thanks for any advice!

Hi all,

Ordered and recived my LX arm yesterday with the optional 100 x 100 mount for my Samsung 245T.

Im very impress holds my 24 Inch Samsung in any postion with no effert at all. The arm to me is an excelent value.


Awesome! Three monitors is definitely more freedom. I actually have four on my computer. That’s almost not enough. ha!

I recently purchase the Samsung 2232BWplus (22 inches) and would like to mount it…any recomendations? Please help

Does anyone know which of the 19 or 20 monitor models in Dell’s line most closely matches the physical height of the 2405FPW’s screen? I’d like to buy a 19 or 20 to go with my 2405FPW and would like the top and bottom bezel to line up if possible.


Awesome thanks… I was having problems finding a good stand for trip 24s… We have similar tastes I have HD600’s and a Gilmore lite. Good to have found your blog.

I need a popular blog too!

I want to buy exactly the same setup you have except that I want all three monitors to be 24". I’m also going to use Synergy Plus:

to control the keyboard and mouse between a Windows 7, Ubuntu Linux, and OS X Mac Mini (one on each screen).

I’m thinking of also getting the Microsoft Natural Wireless Desktop 7000:

Which is much like the 4000 keyboard model you touted in your other post, but it’s wireless and has a tiny USB receiver instead of the gigantic one I have on the Desktop Pro series I have now.

I need to look up those monitor arm model numbers you have and find the overall price. I hope triple 24"s will fit on my desk. Looks like you are also using IKEA Galant desk, is that true? I’m probably going to have to pick some of those up off Craig’s List too.

Wow that looks really sweet! I was looking to do that with Ergotron mounts for my triple monitor set up. I was looking at LCD Monitor Mounts and they have this triple horizontal stand by Ergotech that I bought
ErgoTech Triple Desk Stand this works awesome! They also carried those Ergotron mounts but this was a bit cheaper for me plus they had a 10% discount from wide screen gaming forum.

I’d be alot more interested in actually seeing your workflow with that setup… I’m quite happy with my single 30" atm.

Hey first of all awesome setup! I see in one of your pictures that you have a adapter plate since your monitor had 100mm x 200mm. I’m in the same situation and was wondering where you got the adapter plate and if your monitor didn’t have the usual 75mm x 75mm or 100mm x 100mm and you have the plate, when you screwed the arms on do the screw hit the monitor?