Love the concept for your site. Unfortunately I think you guys should invest in some audio equipment and/or audio recording lessons. The sound quality is really not up to snuff. I may be biased since I work at a radio organization where audio quality is paramount. Scott Hanselman does an amazing job of his podcasts, so maybe he can help you guys get started with that stuff.

Oh, and RSS please!

Thanks for everything you’ve done thus far you guys!



There’s definitely room on this internet for an Expert sex change that doesn’t suck. Best of luck to the pair of you.

Slightly off-topic:
@MattH: ‘People that post “you could try” are annoying.’

There’s something wrong with you.


Joel’s post on this ( concerns me a bit because he says:

“Instead, they (programmers) happily program away, using trial-and-error. When they can’t figure something out, they type a question into Google.”

I can’t even begin to emphasize how BAD of an idea it would be to create a new site that lets “google, copy, paste, and tweak-till-it-works” programmers do those 4 steps faster. You’ll just make faster, well, as Mark Pilgrim calls them, “morons” (

It’s because of morons that I routinely am unable to use a plus sign in my e-mail address on the web.

What would be great though would be a programming “Q A” site where “a-holes” (again, using Mark Pilgrim terminology) could help “morons” learn how to read/use/love “the spec”.

This, perhaps, could be as simple as including a section for each question for links to authoritative references.

So when some “moron” comes in and says “how can I validate an e-mail address?”, I and my fellow “a-holes” can a.) give them an immediate answer; but also b.) point them to the e-mail RFC, a reference on writing regular expressions, etc., etc.

Give a moron a fish, he’ll eat for a day.
Teach a moron to be an a-hole, his stack will overflow?


I’m just listening to your podcast and you or Joel were saying about your tutorials/forum. I am just wondering about how the tutorials are going to work is it going to be submit an entry in a similar way to wikipedia maybe categorized by language then later allowing other registered users to edit it.

I suppose editing would need to go through a bit of manual checking but I can’t imagine much abuse on a site added to by programmers for programmers.

Also the suggestion of rating similar to digg on articles and forum posts sounds great.


FWIW… To view the ExEx content from a google search just click on the cached page. That will give you what google thought was relevant.


The new Web site, as presently conceived, is inaccessible to deaf software developers.
It is not only inaccessible but also rudely inaccessible.


This “new concept” already exists. Look:


Hi Jeff, congrats!
But please add RSS support.



For the record, this is my first time posting on Anyways, I don’t think this site will work, mostly for the simple fact that you guys can’t agree on anything! Based on the first podcast, Joel says some seriously ignorant shit about Microsoft, and Jeff replies with some passive words: “right”, “right”. Then, Jeff says some things about how Microsoft has done this and that, and then Joel says, “yeah, yeah”, “no!”, “yeah”, and Jeff basically says “there’s no reason to attack Microsoft”, just because they are weaker than in the past.

The fact that Joel is a REALLY smart individual, and that Jeff is an even smarter one, makes it entirely hilarious (if anything) because one hates Microsoft, and one is donating to .NET OSS; But seriously, you’re two totally different personalities, which means you should probably both go your own way(s). Maybe make guest posts on each other’s web sites, but that’s all. Keep Joel away from Jeff’s greater level of intelligence, for the love of god.

Also, about Joel’s comments on not using books: You’re stupid. Books, when not used as a TEXT book for University (from my personal experience), and the reader WANTS to learn about the topic, is MUCH better than what you can find online. Most things found online are shitty answers by professors at half-assed universities, or very weak articles posted on wikipedia.




Regarding the missing rss, I know it is lame to complain about ease of access when it is all about the content, or about accuracy at this early stage, but something irks me real bad when supposedly tech-savvy people call “podcast” an mp3 file. What else do they not get at all?


You and Joel together! This is going to be great. Didn’t see that one coming. Congratulation to both of you! I will definitely be a routine visitor there. Looking forward to this one.

Completely in agreement here… What a combo! And left the rest of us completely blindsided. :slight_smile:

ExEx ? pfft… DaniWeb’s got that beat, IMHO.

Now wait… the two of you are opening a site together… that offers free stuff… how is this going to be a “company” or a “startup”? For example, without getting too specific, what’s your plans for revenue? Advertising like here at CH ? If so, this is nothing more than another forum or place of discussion on technical subjects… far cry from a new business where either you sink in debt or float in profits. Do please elaborate on how this is the new business you quit your day job for. :slight_smile:

Oh by the way… are you hiring? :smiley:


fantastic, best of luck


I just wanted to say to Brad that I like the way Jeff uses bold to highlight important points. When I am scanning or reading through the page, I focus a little bit more on the words in bold. It makes me pause and think.

I actually detest bloggers and journalists who doesn’t provide a quick way to scan their main points.


+1 more request for an RSS feed.


@Eam - There is plenty wrong with me, but perhaps my wording wasn’t qualified enough. When looking for design/architecture ideas the “you could try” answers are great. When asking “how do I compare dates using xpath?” the “you could try” answers are rarely of value. If you don’t know the answer then don’t respond; or at least qualify the response - “if you mean this, then try this…”

Anyway, congrats Jeff and Joel. I’m eagerly awaiting more details.


@Brad – I see no “bold type”, just blue text indicating links. You know, hypertext, as in the whole point of this web thing.


Great! Can’t wait for to get up and running :slight_smile:


I hope you don’t allow people with certifications to provide answers to questions. Those guys can be downright assholes…



Might want to get your eyes checked. There’s plenty of bold text in this post, albeit less so than usual.

Not that I have a problem with it. Used sensibly it can help convey a point. After all, the punctuation, sentence structure, and paragraph breaks all convey very little information but to help the moron readers parse the content well :). I count six blocks of boldface (I might have missed one), including a couple instances of bolded hyperlinks. The Internet is not paper, and you need images and format changes to make it work.

Are you using a browser not in the “big four”?



I can’t wait to post up examples of “hello lolcat” in every language and reap the karma.

Or were lolcats last year’s meme?