I'm Loyal to Nothing Except the Dream


As others have pointed out up this thread, you have a tendency to fall into a lot of logical fallacies. One of your most common is “appeal to authority”. These become quite embarrassing, even childish, when the issue is largely one of opinion.

I understand you are distraught and this last year has been difficult for you. Its is going to get even worse over the next 7 years as the world does not end, the American economy grows at a robust pace, America regains respect in the world, and Judges who defend the US Constitution are appointed to high courts.

Meanwhile, the very people who claim to believe that Trump is Hitler, just voted to give the executive branch more power to spy on American citizens. The one thing Democrats could have done to stop Trump, they failed to do.

And meanwhile it looks like the FBI and DOJ conspired with the Obama admin and Clinton campaign to defeat Trump and to undermine his presidency once elected. But you are worried about Trump.


How so? I claimed that Trump was possibly one of the worst presidents in the last 100 or 200 years. Sure, but how could I know? I’m just some guy with no particular background in history or politics. A year later, an actual historian provides detailed historical context for the same opinion. I’m sorry if the historical record disagrees with you, I guess?

I am an obscenely rich white man. Everything is easy for me. What I object to is poor leadership, and poor role models for future generations. Just as reminder, I didn’t object at all to Romney or McCain on this kind of basis.

One thing we can both agree on: I don’t think the president has much, if any, direct effect on the economy. Good, bad, doesn’t matter. If it’s good, you get credit, and if it’s bad, you get blamed. Them’s the breaks. These economic forces are macro level and operate on a scale of decades.

The data, sadly, does not support this assertion. Unless you are referring to Russia.

I am indeed worried, when we somehow elected the worst president in the last 100 or possibly 200 years. The year 2020 can’t come fast enough – or whatever Mueller turns up.

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