Farewell Stack Exchange


Thanks for the hard work you put into Stackoverflow and Stack Exchange, it’s made a difference to many people out there! Enjoy your new adventure and I hope you succeed with Project Family Awesome.


All the best, and thanks for your big part in making Stack Exchange real. You’ve done a fantastic job with the very difficult task of bringing what feels like the ‘obviously correct’ model for Q&A sites into being.


Thanks Jeff! Stackexchange has made a huge contribution to helping me support my family by getting my job done faster. And that means I can spend more time with them.


god speed, Jeff, i’ll be following what you do next :wink:


I reckon you could probably find yourself a sweet 9-to-5 on Careers 2.0 if you don’t want startup life consuming your family life. :slight_smile:


Congrats, Jeff! It’s been a really exciting to watch StackOverflow grow from an idea to an important part of how deveopers work and communicate. It’s a tribute to how well StackOverflow / StackExchange are constructed that the design holds the DNA, and you can move on to new things. Congrats on nearly doubling your family in one go, too!


I fully expect @rockhardawesome will be able to tweet a bit more often during the next few months.


First of all, a HUGE thank you not only for what you have done for the global community of Stack Exchange users but for the times you have personally helped me, implementing a feature I suggested or fixing a bug I reported. Stack Overflow (and later other SE 2.0 sites) have not only made getting quality answers to questions easier, but encouraged me to give back to the community by answering questions myself where my limited knowledge permitted.

Stack Exchange will not be the same without you, and all of us will miss you. Although it’s hard to think of the site without you, I completely agree with your rationale for leaving. Raising your children and being there for them is truly worth leaving for.

Again, thank you, and all the best in what lies ahead.


Although I wasn’t around Stack Overflow much, I always spotted you on Super User, always donating time, hardware, and your opinions to us. These will all be missed.

As one of the founding leaders of the entire Stack Exchange network, you’ve been a role model for many of us. It saddens me to see you going, but my respect has increased tenfold for you after seeing you as a real family man.

Farewell Jeff, good luck on your newest adventure.


Jeff, I just want a say a huge thank you for creating an awesome community, as well as some exquisite posts over the past few years.

As a heads up, the 0.15% of us ( http://www.codinghorror.com/blog/2011/01/trouble-in-the-house-of-google.html ) are showing our appreciation here as well: http://news.ycombinator.com/item?id=3559631

Thanks again, for advancing the pace of development on the web and beyond.


We’ll miss you, Jeff. You’ve proven that your family is the highest priority. My respect for you has only grown. Hopefully your wife, and some day, your kids, will see how fortunate they are to have you for a husband and father.

Thank you for your countless hours devoted to the Stack Exchange - editing, voting, asking, answering, and creating something so awesome that we just keep coming back. Thank you especially for your work with Super User; the time and energy devoted, and even generously donating hardware to Super Users.

Wishing you and your family all the best.


OMG OMG OMG! Now Skeptics will never graduate!


Mission accomplished Jeff, you have changed the Internet and society for the better :slight_smile:


Thanks Jeff. You did a great job.


I applaud your choice. I lost my daughter to cancer at age 3 1/2 and have a son who is now 15. After giving my wife a year to grieve I switched to working half-time because spending time with my son before he goes off to college (or otherwise out into the world) is far more important to me than money. This has been a good thing for us though I found it difficult not to work all the time like I had been. Watch out for habit which might have you still orbiting the computer before you realize it. :slight_smile:


Thanks! We respect your choice, may your kids become old and wise. Good luck and have fun… :slight_smile:


Congratulations on the arrival of your daughters and the greatness that is multiple kids!

(Almost more) importantly, congratulations on being courageous enough to put them first, not just in word but in action. You have made the right choice and it will come back at you a hundredfold.

You have a character to be emulated, which is worth more than a thousand startups. At the same time you have done good with your work, so thank you all around!


Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

I wouldn’t compare you to Steve Jobs. He just made a lot of cool things, most of them for a select group of people.

I’d compare you to Dennis Ritchie. He laid the foundations to make everything better for everyone.


As a dad myself to a little girl, i know you are making the right decision. I get to spend half of my day with my daughter while working the other half from home. I feel as if i’m the luckiest dad in the world. It’s the younger, formative years that count the most. Give your kids as nuch attention as you can. They will be better people for that.

Thank you for everything you’ve contributed over the years. I use Stack Overflow daily. I juwt hope you will find time to share occasional wisdom via your blog. Good luck to you and enjoy life!


Thanks Jeff, and best of luck.