Farewell Stack Exchange


Speaking as a Mom and Wife - I applaud your decision to embrace all of life, not just the passion that comes with work you love. :wink:


I am surprised nobody has pointed out what twaddle this is? He had a complex financial investment from a bunch of investors and got shunted out because he didn’t maintain majority control of his company, simples. Everything else is PR likely to be tied into a financial agreement to protect the brand image.

Either way, you did a cracking job with the sites Jeff, don’t let this get you down.


Thank you for your work on StackOverflow, and thank you for the great example you are to all developers. You made the right choice, and it’s awesome that you have your priorities straight. Your family is very blessed.


If only you could ban all the elitest pricks who nag people on irrelevant or esoteric facets instead of answering questions.


Thanks Jeff… Wish you all the best


hi Jeff,I’m a co-founder of a technology startup in china,thanks for bring this incredible community for all the programmers.wish you have wonderfull future!


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I read maybe 10 of your blog posts and found them interesting before I realized you were the creator of StackOverflow. I found that interesting. I keep finding new StackExchanges that fit my needs. Oh how you were right about forums being horrible places for information. I used them and even ran some in high school for years, but for the past few years any time I wanted detailed information and forum results came up on Google I groaned. Thank you for StackExchange. I started with StackOverflow, then connected to Gaming, now just signed up for Unix and perused the list of other sites in the network. Some of them are just begging for me to join. Social network for the antisocial indeed.


Love your blog too, by the way. I’m a novice programmer and I have changed my mentality from “Oh crap look at all these geniuses better at this than me” to “Always get better” partially through perusing blogs such as yours. They’re great resources from a philosophical and practical standpoint.


Bravo! And good luck ahead.


Thanks for your work on StackOverflow, et al. You won’t regret this move though. Taking care of your family is so much more important than taking care of this mass of programmers.


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Awesome post! I enjoyed it and like to share with my other friends.



First of all - you and Joel Spolsky have created something quite special, thank you! Given the time that’s passed by since you made this decision I’m curious as to what your opinion is on the decision that you took… Do you miss being part of the daily grind?


Thanks for everything and greetings to your family :smiley:


Best of luck Jeff.
Can’t thank you enough for your contribution.

Best of luck to you and your family.


Just want to say thanks for what you have created, but more for what you have shown can be done. I am a great believer that we can rule ourselves. And you let us.



Now employers need to start realizing people have lives and to quit slaving them to death. I truly resent employers who don’t care about their worker’s lives and don’t truly provide a work-life balance and run people into the ground with long hours. Sure we all have to make money, but you can’t just neglect people’s lives. Let people work from home, leave early, or give extra vacation. It’s only gonna revive your workforce and refresh them and benefit your business overall as well as benefit them and their families.


This blog post allows only flat discussions: Comments of Articles. And the way I see it Stack Exchange allows only flat discussions too. Comments of Questions and Comments of Answers. It just feels different because multiple commented entities are displayed on a single page.


I don’t think you are retired at Stack Exchange Inc. and that is because you still answer and edit questions, and however, you are now replaced by Jon Skeet, the first 1 millon reputation user in Stack Overflow and Stack Exchange Inc…