Your Own Personal WiFi Storage

i am also curious as to what software you use to strip DRM from itunes purchases?

i am now in a position to be able to do the same as you and strip DRM from legitimate purchases…

+1 for nplayer…

works a treat and will play anything… price = $39.99 price = £42.99 ($60 give or take).

Great :frowning:

Yeah the UK is still Treasure Island. Wonder if it’ll change if we leave the EU?

It looks quite solid to be a single-room-sized wireless access point too. Given a small area and <5 devices, I don’t really find a point to have a gorgeous 802.11ac AP. Though I might need to consider the throughput and second SSID.

With a powerful router, I would hope this portable AP will be sufficient.

If you need something larger than 128GB, you could carry a USB 3.0
enclosure with a 2.5" SSD, but the combination of travel and spinning
hard drives makes me nervous.

As I’m sure you know, SSDs don’t have spinning hard drives.

Oops crud I meant to say HDD there. I’ll edit.

As for @shannonpace and @unclemikey asking about how I strip DRM from iTunes purchases – @Glaurung answered with exactly what I use, above.

The TripMate includes a fairly large battery (10400mAh).

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Jeff you are my hero. This is the bomb. I just bought one, don’t upgrade to the .068 firmware though. It breaks the DNS settings. Get the tripmate app for IOS and Android devices though. Makes viewing videos seemless.

I also,. rip all of my dvds/bluerays to my nas. That way I have all kinds of media/movies to watch. Thanks again for the post.

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Reviews on the M.2 SATA to USB 3.0 Enclosure that was linked to indicate that it doesn’t pass TRIM commands. Is TRIM something that would be excessive for an external SSD or is it required for proper wear levelling?

If it is a system drive, certainly – if it’s a drive used for basic media storage, probably not.

Under “Caveats” “USB3.0 keeps drawing power” - It seems either the USB 3.0 ports don’t have the 1.5A power switches they need to cut USB HDD off properly, or the software is a bit off. If I just connect my drives to my XPS laptop in shutdown state, the light on the HDD goes on. If I then cycle the XPS, after it shuts down, the light on the drive goes out, However, that’s the drive. When I measure the voltage on the connector, it’s still 5V! Using a 3.0 HUB solved this problem. I needed the HUB because these drives (I’m using 3 of the 4TB My Passport drives) require more power and ports than the XPS has (2 ports, 900mA each versus 3 ports and 900mA each with a 2.5A brick). When the HUB is powered off, the ports are 0V (unless the brick is connected).

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Yep, I found this too – if you keep a USB 3 drive plugged into the device, it eventually drains the battery. So I store them as two unplugged parts now… not ideal.

I’ve thought about NAS or WiFi storage before, to replace plugging my external hard drive into my laptop all the time, and allow other people and devices access to the media library.

But seeing as I’d like to maximize the life spans of storage media and be as gentle as possible with them, I figured acessing my drive wirelessly has the overhead of causing extra writes on my device (laptop/phone). Stuff has to be downloaded at least partially to be played back, no?

External HDD –USB3→ Laptop’s display
External HDD –USB3→ WiFi storage device –WiFiLaptop’s SSD → Laptop’s display

Is this accurate? Are these setups really situations where you’re constantly re-downloading and deleting your own data? If so, I might reconsider the inconvenience of plugging a cable in to avoid this overhead. Is there any wireless technology that doesn’t imply caching on the device’s storage for playback to happen?
Say I read 1GB/day and write 1GB/day. Is this load a concern over a span of a few years?

The latest firmware for the HooToo Titan adds NTFS and exFAT support for larger devices, which is nice.

I’ve had one of these for a while now, but I gave it the same SSID and password as my home network. It never gets used when I’m at home anyway, and any devices that we take on a trip just connect automatically. They don’t know the difference between the hotel room and home.

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BTW, the reason that the Titan continues to discharge while USB devices are plugged in is that the Titan is also a battery pack/charger… you would either need a USB switch with on/off buttons, or unplug devices.

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I want to grab one of these for a road trip. Is it still working great for everyone? There’s a RavPower product that provides similar functionality but seems a bit newer. Anyone have experience with both?

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Yes! We use it on every family trip… I have one for van and one for airplane.