The "Works on My Machine" Certification Program


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I think there should be an * with the disclaimer saying. Even though it works on my machine it might not on yours.


appropriate for any VSTO deployment on a local desktop. Truly, it works on my machine; just not the user’s. I even managed to get it to work on another developer’s computer. Just not the user’s.


This reminds me on a policy, our CTO introduced once: “Locally signed off is releasable”


I wanted my website to get WOMM-Certification. However, I faced some serious issues during the process and actually gave it up. It happened quite a while ago, so I’m a bit frustrated to find this article only now. But as far as I understood, you don’t have to own an MBA degree to pass the certification process.


By the way, forgot to mention that you are doing great work! I believe that one can succeed in business and life only through hard work and constant revision.
ACCA Revision Courses


WorksOnMyMachine is why web hosted applications are so popular. Now it only has to work on your web server!

It’s also why so many companies now ship software complete with its own virtual machine image. Now you can just have a copy of my machine!


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I’m sure that the " in the title worked on your machine?


I used the “Works on My Machine” logo as my instant messenger avatar at work and was encouraged to see that members of all teams found it to be humorous. It’s good that we can all have a healthy sense of humor about the mindset that spawned this article.