The "Works on My Machine" Certification Program




What is it about this blog that I cannot simply select/highlight a section of it? It wigs out and selects half the page.

Are you sure? It works fine on my machine. :slight_smile: Actually, I’ve seen that when I use IE. Doesn’t happen in FireFox.


Can’t we get “compiles” for those of us who wish to clear a slightly lower bar?


can you please publish the vectorial version (SVG) of the badge somewhere? How lovely! :slight_smile:


Man, I thought noone recognized our genius… glad to see a certification to honor what we do.


Wow my app is fully certified now. Thanks Jeff !!!


Re: Chris Wuestefeld

That sounds like some pathetically mis-informed excuse that the management of my company would come up with. Give us more detail on these non-standard packet handling. I already got office mates howling at the suggestion. Sure, unexpected things happen, but if you’re just waving your hands and saying the problem is “out there” you’re already reached the highest levels of WOMM development practices.


As a developer, fantastic.
As a team lead, Oh my god.


One of my colleagues is laminating that right now to use as the award for developers who break the build.


What is it about this blog that I cannot simply select/highlight a section of it? It wigs out and selects half the page.

IE6 issue. No idea why. The markup looks fine. I know this isn’t helpful advice, but… er… switch away from the five year old browser if you can.


Hey, my websites have been certified WOMM since the beginning! Yay! WOMM-Certified since 1996!

Seriously, though, when I design an application I tell people straight-up “I only do this for full compatibility with FireFox 2, if it works on IE or Opera or iCab or Camino or Safari, bully. If it doesn’t, wah. Figure it out.”

But at the same time I tend to shy away from using newer, fancier conventions in my mark-up. I know, I know I should the new stuff… but I can never remember all the configurations of the div tags… so I wind up using the old stand-bys instead. It’s much quicker to type open-bracket i close bracket my text open-brack /i close-bracket than remembering that it’s em /em now. Or whatever the new tag of the week happens to be…


How about a “Good Enough for Me” tee-shirt ala your previous post?
Or better yet “I simply imagine it so” (Einstein).


Jae: whoa man. you sound like you don’t want to learn anything new. that’s the beginning of the end!


How about an alternate version, “It Works For Me”, I think that rolls more nicely off the tongue.

Or, how about “It worked for me… I think. (With my data at least.)”



As a CM who is responsible for packaging, deployment, builds, and even testing, the words “Works on my machine” are the bane of my existence.

I’ve even had developers send releases compiled on their system directly to customers to “fix” a problem without ever being officially built or even tested by QA. When cornered the developer usually tells me that it works on his machine, and it’s not his fault if the customer can’t get the program to work.


I really, really, really want a rubber stamp with the second version.


It all sounds like a “Works as coded” situation to me.


Gavin: The beginning of the end came for me a long time ago. I’ve gotten too tired of trying to keep up, so I just let the younger kids do it for me and ride on their backs utilizing their technologies instead. For the first time in almost a decade, I don’t have my own web space anymore. There are pre-packaged solutions on other sites I use instead, as it works better for me. I spend more time on content than I do on deployment. I’ve always been better at that anyway.


Jeff, the correct answer to that comment would have been…

“Works on My Browser!” Could you also design a logo for that as well?


I prefer the standard: Working As Designed