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and of course, this post reads better while listening to :slight_smile:


My favorite is a list of disclaimers. I have my own that I have collected over the years but here are a couple of good ones.

10 print "Lorem Ipsum"
20 goto 10


A noble gesture to garner the design community vote, for sure, but if programmers need to sling Lorem Ipsum to do their job, something is deeply, horribly, terribly wrong with the state of technology in the world.

So please don’t learn anything about Lorem Iosum!


I’m a designer, and I hate lorem ipsum. Let me tell you why.

Firstly, mockups that use lipsum typically assume that all pieces of content will be filled with equal amounts of text. Typical lipsum mockups with equally-sized blocks of latin therefore give a free pass to designs that break with uneven or unusually large amounts of content (like vertically aligned columns). They also fail to uncover issues where narrow columns and textareas create ‘rivers’ of whitespace when words don’t quite fit into the space.

Secondly, using realistic text in wireframes is a great way to expose pieces of content that don’t make sense in practice. Perhaps the content would be redundant, or would be difficult to fill in real-world scenarios. Either way, that’s not something you want to discover at the late stages of the design process (or worse, post-release). You don’t necessarily have to write your own copy - just pasting in something from another website with similar content will typically do.

Thirdly, because lipsum is not to be read, it allows designers to forget about readability and text legibility in favour of shaping text sections to fit into their design. That’s risky practice, and at worst it creates unusable content and websites with text that looks pretty can’t be consumed. And that’s killer.

Granted, sometimes there aren’t any alternatives. Sourcing realistic content - even when it’s copypasted from somewhere else - is a time-consuming exercise. But I’d always recommend trying it out before signing off a design, because the alternative is just too, too risky.


My personal favorite generates random text in the style of Noam Chomsky:


I’ve added to the mix of placeholder image sites. Check it out. That’d be cool! :slight_smile:




Even more brilliant!

Of course, the Fyre Festival.