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The CODE Keyboard


“first truly great mechanical keyboard”? I’d make the argument that the IBM Model M takes that prize. The only keyboard that feels better is the Model F (with the capacitive buckling springs, as opposed to the membranes of the Model M), but mine is from a PC XT, making it nigh-impossible to get it working with modern computers (let alone the layout difficulties). Though the built in output config is a nice touch, I’ve found it very simple to remap Capslock to Super and switch the text input layout to Dvorak in both Windows and various Linux desktop environments. The nubs on the F and J (or U and H) keys mean I never have to really look at the keyboard, which eliminates the need for backlights (for touch-typists, at least) and media keys tend to be incompatible with most media players I’ve used (not to mention that it wouldn’t be that difficult just to simulate those with keychords in software).

Maybe the best thing going for the CODE keyboard over the Model M is availability, specifically of the 87 key model. Getting one’s hands on an IBM Model M spacesaver edition is difficult and pricey at best, but with those quiet-operation Cherry MX Clear’s, I’m not so sure–I really like the audible clicks/pings of the buckling springs.

At least you can buy 12ft long MicroUSB cables, but I haven’t seen any that are coiled and springy.


I’ve been through my share of crappy keyboards until I arrived at the best one I could find. It’s the Dell USB multimedia keyboard. It’s not backlit, but the feel is great, the keys are super quiet and the multimedia controls work the way I want them to:


I found a supplier on ebay who sells refurbed ones for $14 each. I currently have 3 at home and am considering getting another (for the kids).


This looks great, but I’ll echo others here and state that unless it’s an ergonomic keyboard, I’m not interested. I fail to see why so much time is put into reinventing standard non-ergonomic keyboards. I code all day long and not using an ergonomic keyboard would be terrible for my health.


looks great but can you do a bluetooth version of the mini-keyboard - so can use it on android + iOS devices


Why do the arrows on the shift keys point up when the shifted characters are printed on the right side of the keys?


I’ve ordered one of these as WASD keyboards are pretty great (my friend has one) but I could never settle on one due to all the nice config options and I have enough mechanical keyboards around but the Code’s feature were enough to convince me.

Something I’d like to see in future models is a USB port on the side or top so I can use a Yubikey for 2 Factor Auth:

Or even better a keyboard with a built in yubikey would be great (but they seem like the sort of thing you’d want to be able to swap out and upgrade independently of the keyboard).

@bitbank Ditto on those USB Dell keyboards, they’re the best “cheap” keyboards around.


Beautiful keyboard. Absolutely beautiful. Any possibility of a ten-key-less model for those of us who value desk space over the occasional number input?

Re: 87 key. I don’t read. Ordered mine!


I like the following keyboards, they come with different switch options:


I vastly prefer a mechanical keyboard, but I’m also in the ergonomic camp by necessity.


Ergo is a must, build it and they will come…
You wouldn’t believe that in 2013, even Microsoft, hasn’t come out with a backlit ergonomic keyboard.


Anything missing a (preferably dedicated) calculator key is a non starter for me now.

I’m on a Microsoft Sculpt Comfort Keyboards and am pretty happy with them.



Lucky you… I was all like “woot, design my own keyboard!!!” But then the reality set in: I can’t move or reshape the keys!

That keyboard starts out imperfect: the arrow keys are too close to the other keys! And no wireless, that sucks too. And no keys for volume or play/pause/next (I always listen to music when coding).

No perfect keyboard for me today :frowning: But at least this one has a proper Ins/Del/Home/End/PgUp/Dn cluster…


Between my HHKB Pro 2 and Datahand I am a very happy camper, but it’s nice to know that people are still interested in making quality keyboards.


Of course you had to make this announcement ONE DAY after I ordered a DasKeyboard because my Unicomp is flaking out.


I’m typing this on a model M. I’ve got another one at work. I have bought lots of new mechanical keyboards and haven’t found any of the cherry keys that were to my liking. I will probably buy this one too, if nothing else to make my cube mates a work hate me less when I’m typing at 70 wpm.



Oooh, I want to get one =).

However, do you offer it with a blank keyset as well? Or can you order a blank keyset that will fit?

(I know it sounds weird, but I’m in love with my Das Keyboard with blank keys at the moment - and I’d want this for the Cherry Clear switches, and the other features).



I love the specs, but the lack of ergo is mind boggling.


I’m going to echo some other comments on here. How can you make a keyboard for coders not consider ergonomics?


The keyboard I have had now for a couple of years is a Noppoo Choc Mini, here are images of it: http://www.overclock.net/t/902905/review-noppoo-choc-mini-mechanical-keyboad-cherry-mx-brown-nkro-under-usb

It’s a full size, tenkeyless keyboard with a very compact design, very much like the size of a laptop keyboard (but of course with mechanical keys). I really like its compact design and how close I can have the mouse to the keyboard and its home row.

There is a tenkeyless version of the CODE keyboard, but I’m afraid that it still would feel too large when I have used my compact Noppoo Choc Mini for so long. It would be great with if there was an even more compact version of the CODE keyboard.

On another note, the shipping is ridiculous. It’s $ 48 to Sweden, and with taxes the total price for the keyboard including shipping would be around $ 250. I’m not eager to pay that, considering that my current keyboard cost about $ 100.


Thank you for choosing silent-ish keys. I hate that clack-ity clack from some of those other “good” keyboards. Very annoying when you are trying to work. I worked at a place where a guy had one of those keyboards and I could hear it two offices away. Drove me nuts!