Suspension, Ban or Hellban?


It seems to me that this problem has had a solution which has stood the test of time for millennia. Shunning. Whether it was ancient Babylon or 19th century London the act of shunning someone (for specified periods of time, even life) has achieved the goal of weeding out undesirable individuals from the group.

All that is needed in the web world is a point system for members (which you already have). Members which contribute the most have the most points. These people’s opinions count the most. If a high point user shuns another user, that shunning counts severely against the shunned. Also if a high point user is shunned the shunning counts less against them. High contributing members may be attacked or maligned at random and sometimes this means the user is actually doing a good job. In other words, the users held in high regard are protected more from random shunnings.

When a user hits a predefined threshold of shun points vs. Their esteem points they are shunned by the entire group for a preset period of time and told so. The shunned are always overtly ignored. With each subsequent shunning more time is added until a shun threshold is reached at which point they are excommunicated.

The shunned and excommunicated always have at ther disposal the petition system. They may ask for forgiveness (or point out the error of the shunning like “someone stole my account.”). The petitions are sent to those that did the shunning and they may decide to not shun them anymore.

This process works orit would not still be in use by churches and organizations around the world.

Just a thought.



About the whole issue of having to ban users being “time-wasting”.

The link between this and the real-world issues around customer-complaints-procedures, workplace dismissal policies, police/judicial system is hardly tenuous.

I think if you want to be part of any community you have to accept that some people will inevitably waste your time and just try to deal with it as best you can.

In recent decades I’m most impressed with the growth of victim support/reconciliation committee-style judiciary. When the waster is confronted in public by the victim, they have more chance of repairing the damadge they have done to themselves as well as that victim.


Too bad “helbanned” is not an entry in either Wikipedia nor Wiktionary.


…I think I just stumbled into the matrix.


I agree with that also forex robot


Serve them the dreaded HTTP 418 error, “I’m a Teapot”.


This makes a lot of sense. One of the few (very few) things I like about how the Yahoo! community works is that when someone reports a user or post and that report is accepted, that person’s reporting influence goes up. When the report is rejected his or her reporting influence goes down.
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Don’t even know what to say on this topic. So much ideas are mixed in my head after reading it. Very problematic article I thinkY8


I generally give them a permanent ban then they dispute their ban. If they sign up again they get more actions taken towards them. Works for me.


I’ll just leave this here. I hope hellbanning won’t catch on.

#72 I find this issue extremely common on a lot of forums and communities. The core users will generally become cliquish and snobbish and the place becomes extremely hostile to new users. What’s more, the website owners start to be worshiped as some sort of super humans, and he will be one of the main people who drive new users away. Very very common problem. Give people the power and they eventually abuse it,


them a permanent ban then they dispute their ban. If they sign up again they get more actions taken towards them. Works for me.


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Please tell me these bullshit fascist bans aren’t ACTUALLY used. “Blocking” users is how all the ignorants asshats get to stay ignorant and SPREAD their ignorance, like the feminists who think that EVERYONE that DISAGREES with them, simply DISAGREES, is a misogynistic rapist, and blocks them, etc. “Hellbans” and the other stupid bans mentioned are 100% fascist in nature, are often abused, don’t teach ANYONE a lesson, etc.


What would you think about a temporary hellban? That would avoid things like the redditor that was hellbanned for 3 years without noiticing. - link


I just create a new account on a new IP automatically ~10 days or so, simple


you can get to 200 rep in a day or two without even trying


You clearly don’t know the first thing about ban evading.