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Thanks for the tip on That’s the best Craigslist browser/search I have seen. I use it every day now.


Did anyone try CLSearch from

It is a standalone windows program which give you the multi-city search functionality, plus it will give you a preview of any pictures that were attached to an craigslist ad.

Best of all, it is a free download.




Thank you for trying Jeff,
I am sure that will not understand how valuable your search engine was.

Goodluck Jeff.


This is a simple wrapper for Google-based services. Works pretty well.


CLBrowser is the newest tools for craigslist.

Give it a try at


You should try Craigslist Search CLSearch at You can search all the cities o modify the list of cities to search only the ones you are interested in. Pretty cool program.


We also have a search tool “One Eye Open” for running multiple searches over whatever cities you select. Free demo available.

Tomorrow (Feb 8,2008) we’re running a special with Bits Du Jour, so you can buy for $9.80


Google will search them all also, type in search characters (i.e. 1975 Pontiac Grand am) followed by “site:”. Unlike most the tips above, this will work on any computer, Mac or PC.


I use perfect automated tool to search craigslist. Check their videos, and how it works. It takes Craigslist on totally new format, efficient, precise, organized, really nifty.


well F#$K the man… this would have been nice


I just go to google to search craiglist…

In the searchbox, I enter “Craigslist:”

After the colon, include your search items.

Easy as pie (and free).


To search craigslist cities by state, you can use

Hope this info helps.


i would like to post a classified in all areas it is software so it could be sold and shipped anywhere but i cant find out how , i can list in like two citys then i get a message telling me i have a very similar add any ideas thanks martin


Here’s one that works very well:


I know for a fact you can ping craigslist servers all you want if you use . They will allow you to change your ip address as many times as you want. Craigslist is just too sensitive, as they won’t let you post an ad to multiple cities! To find the ip changer for craigslist, go to


I used to buy tons of stuff off of craigslist. The only problem is - I live near 4 different craigslist locations and every time I need to find anything I have to check 4 different sites.

The problem I have with all tools listed here - they don’t let you choose which sites to search. Come on, I don’t need all locations - I only want to look in a 10-20 miles radius !

Finally, here’s the site that does it all - search by ZIP/area code, search within several miles radius, show picture previews and even replying to the posts without having to register -


I like too. Very user friendly, and free is always good!


Just checked a bunch of sites listed here - they all look like google search + banners. The results are not relevant. Total waste of time ;-(

This one looks OK to me though:
At least this one has maps and picture previews


You can do progressive rendering in ASP.Net, you just have to do a couple things yourself to make it happen.

First, you can set Buffer=false in the @Page directive to get things to write out to the client as they’re rendered from the server. This solves half of what you want though, because what you really are asking to do is to begin rendering the header of the page while the data is being fetched off Craigslist. Normally ASP.Net does things in 2 steps: Build the Control tree and fill it in with data, then when everything’s ready, Render it. To render it while the data comes in you need to write a class that extends Control and overrides Render, and in the Render method you call your methods to scrape Craigslist and render it out.

You can do this in a more ASP.Net-like way by creating a generic Repeater Control that does all the normal things a Repeater would, but does the data half on Render instead of during the normal control tree creation phase.

But ideally speaking if you’re looking for performance, you should be querying on a background thread and caching the results locally, and serving queries from the cache. You can still do all of the above to render long lists, but querying another website really belongs on a separate thread - otherwise you’re hanging up a Render thread on the server while it idles with an open connection - not the best use of resources, and if your site gets big and keeps slamming Craigslist with the same query over and over, you’re going to get yourself banned as well.