Revisiting the Black Sunday Hack

I hear so many people saying that DirectTV had the right to do this, but none ever point out that they are piping the streams into your house. The streams are already there in your house whether you are receiving their service or not.

One of these days, an alien race may come down and jail all of Earth for attempting to decrypt the background radiation using the same logic DirectTV uses to criminalize people who translate signals already there into something useful to them.

You know what, people use cars in the commision of crimes. Let’s ban cars! Same logic. Flawed.

I’m not so sure. Cars: can you /really/ trust them?

"Oh, and sichan, the difference is that DirecTV owns the content of that signal. Its illegal the same way stealing cable is illegal, it doesnt matter that its being sent from a satellite. "

Although DirectTV owns the content of that signal, they are transmitting it through your house whether you subscribed to them or not. Therefore, it is not illegal to intercept that signal. It is illegal, however, to hack the DirectTV cards/boxes - which you merely rent, but never own - in order to decode the signals.

Is it legal for a company to send poison through the pipes if someone is stealing water from the system?


Yes, if it is a kind of poison that harms only those who steal it and has no effect on the legit ones.

In a where are they now… Christoper Tarnovsky is now being prosecuted for going dark-side:

help me

Jehanzeb Kills sunday super bowl…

Very nice touch to add GAME OVER…

The HU cards (football cards) were totally hacked and dave could do nothing but replace the card.

There are some that still deal with hacking this system
but have been driven far underground.

A friend of mine from “beyond the rim” made significant progress
on the newer cards as well as a pair of guys from the north country.

DirectTv clamps down on ANY attempts and heavily fines anyone shown
to have any progress on hacking the newer cards.
Most are not even publicized as they do not want any attention.

Davey is very powerful in the media world.

"It sounds like it would be about on a level with MS formatting your hard drive if you run a cracked version of Office."
Could you imagine! Talk about anti-piracy!

“yet alone”? at least put a [sic] in there

Brilliant! I hope the amazing hacker DirecTV hired got a large bonus, thats a hell of a fast one to pull on a group of technical minded people like the ones stealing tv.

Oh, and sichan, the difference is that DirecTV owns the content of that signal. Its illegal the same way stealing cable is illegal, it doesnt matter that its being sent from a satellite.

That is amazing. Even the name is iconic as all get out. This is total movie material. reverse lookup

In a shocking revelation, it came under light that DirecTV violated consumer practices and was fined $14 million for that.It’s not exactly the same that you have expected from a renowned company like DirecTV.

You know, I think I’m with DirecTV on this, I doubt that’s a very large group of users (there may well be a decent number of people who can’t get a channel they want, but not that many are willing to mod their receiver over it), but I would be inclined to feel sympathetically towards them. What channels do they lock out geographically besides local network affiliates?

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About 2 months later something came out called an emulator… it made use of your blown direct tv card and a cheap computer to get around the direct tv hack…
You put your blown card into a reader and stuck a connector card into your directv box.
booted and boom, free tv! Direct tv eventually won that battle. by forcing one of the
top card hackers into working for them or going to jail… Which ended the game…
but then the internet came around… Making direct tv kind of usless, when you can now
stream or download all the content you want.

So they won the battle but lost the war.

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This really hits home. My dad passed away last week so I guess it doesn’t matter. I have his looper with me right now. I remember black Sunday well. I was 14 years old and we lived way out in the country. My dad would hack the cards for free but he would take money. I woke up and looked outside and there were literally 45 vehicles on our dirt road. My dads handle was saw_dawg. He could have did anything and he could have made millions but he was far to good a man. He reasoned that if a signal is broadcast to your residence and land then nobody had the right to keep him from seeing what was in it.

I remember reading the forums as a kid and seeing a few of the members taking trips and vacations. I remember the year he got over 200 birthday cards in the mail. He just didn’t give a fuck. He made just enough to keep the lights on seriously.


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Thank you for stopping by and sharing that. My condolences on your loss.


I think I remember the name saw_dawg… I was captainA* and an active member. I had an emulator from the start cuz it made more sense. I remember a guy name Igor who stole the new HU code for the hacking community… Pirates den was finally infiltrated in Canada and resurfaced in “the prestine shores of Argentina” It was so much fun playing the cat and mouse game… hacker vs hacker… I finally got a job on Wall St. and decided it wasn’t worth the risk of free TV… but I was doing it for the mental challenge. I always wondered if pirates Den continued in the dark web, but was too afraid to get a anonymous VPN to venture to the dark web… until today…I just signed up… … I retired 3 years ago… and my first thought after getting the Nordic VPN yesterday was to see where my old friends on pirated Den were and to check out the dark web…

Very sorry for your lost…

Hope the statue of limitations are over for me lol…

Now Im an old fart that has like 12 paid DirecTV tuners (DAVE)…

miss those days…

Peace Out!

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