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Re: No 32-bit / 24-bit true color

This is a pre-defined limitation within the Windows XP RDP server that can easily be lifted by adding/changing a registry value.


And yes, it worked for me.

Sorry for being that late…

Thank you ! o thank you! i was suffering from an accidental window mode on my rdc. you helped cure it back to full screen. u r da man

WOOT! You are #1 on Google results for a reason, thank you so much for improving my RDP experience!

I have a problem w/ remote desktop rebooting after disconnecting … when I rdp into my work desktop and then close out of the RDP session the pc reboots itself … is there a setting somewhere on the pc that controls that behavior … both pc’s have all the latest MS security patches …


I would like to be able to use remote desktop to an XP PC without acctually locking the target PC while I am connected, we have software that runs on the pc that we cant have it locked because of scripts we have running. How would I be able to do that?

I have noticed today that clipboard behavior with Excel and RDP is strange. I’m fairly certain this used to work before…

Basically, when I start an RDP session, it screws with my local clipboard, even after the RDP session is closed.

Open Excel on my local PC. Copy a formula and paste it somewhere else in the spreadsheet. Inexplicably, it pastes the VALUE instead of the formula.
Now open Excel on my remote PC which I am accessing via RDP. Paste in that spreadsheet, and I get the formula which I originally copied.

What’s stranger is that I can close the RDP session, and still get the broken paste in my local Excel.

If I reboot, the problem goes away (until I do RDP again).

Any ideas?

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For some reason couldn’t get the ‘close the window from the monitor you want it to come back in’ trick to work for me.

Found this from a gent on another forum:

mstsc /f /v:ServerName /w:1600 /h:1200

tried that from a command line window displayed on my 1680x1050 monitor, it worked like a charm, widescreen rd!

Hiya - I’ve got a problem when rdp’ing to a couple of servers (2003 R2). If I disconnect, the sessions on the remote server stop running and when I log in again, nothing is running.

If I disconnect, then reconnect very quickly afterwards, I see the sessions.

Has anybody seen this?


Thanks for the tip on the multiple monitors and getting the full screen rdp connection to open on my second monitor. This was bugging me for a few months.

But seriously, at the point where you’re remoting from machine A into machine B, and then remoting from machine B to machine C, isn’t it time to stop and ask yourself… why?

Sometimes it is just an accident. From my work computer I had session(s) open and did not get them disconnected. Later I VPN to the work computer, and there they still are.

Also, it is a way to bypass a firewall without resorting to a VPN, which may not be available.

With the original xp version the title bar would come up pinned, or not. With the current version, I have not found a way to bring it up pinned.


Thank you for posting these. My RDP connection (WinXP-to-WinXP) for some reason refuses to send the normal key combination like Alt-Tab or Windows key, in any setting, on remote computer or only in full screen, it’s just broken. No help on it anywhere on the web. So instead I have trained myself to use the keystrokes from your page, and problem solved.

I have 2 tablet pc’s and I’m wondering if there is any way use them both at the same time with one tablet being the second display for the other? I’m thinking that I would get what I want if there were some way to have the RD client on one connect to a second display on the other.

There is a setting for the external display to either mirror or extend the desktop. If it’s set to extend, could an RD client connect to the extension?

Jeff, RD - Machine A - Machine B - Machine C is common for cases where Machine C resides in some isolated network and Machine B is the bridge between them.

Task manager can be launched with ctrl+shift+esc
I use it quite often, and it is fairly easy to explain to somebody remotly how to get to task manager.

Ultramon can have assigned keyboard shortcuts that can move windows from the one screen to the other

Just my kebboard tips of the day :slight_smile:
Rihan Meij

Thank you for the tip on how to get your fullscreen to match your monitor. I’ve run into that problem multiple times and this is the first fix I’ve seen for it.

To invoke task manager for nested terminal services sessions (two levels deep) use :


thx for the dual screen tip…just needed that so i can play wow on main screen and remote desktop on the other screen…heheh

good solution


Quick question,

I try to use remote desktop to log in to my work computer from home but it just seems to slow. My question is this,

Which computer is it more important to have running in optimal performance?

I have 3GB of RAM on my work computer, and only have 512MB of RAM on my home computer.

Would it help if I upgraded my home computer to 3GB of RAM or not make much of a difference?

Thank you,