Opting Out of Linked In

Impugn – for someone so against internet socializing, you sure spent a lot of time and thought agreeing with what 10 other people already said. way to contribute! You Win at The Interweb!

And you are the north end of a southbound horse.

It is quite obvious to anybody with even basic reading comprehension skills that my initial offering featured an almost equal amount of agreeing with previous posters - and expounding upon the point(s) made - and flat-out disagreement - again, often with commentary.

And again, as for Konstantin Guericke, I truly do hope he goes bankrupt.

I have been fighting linkedin and have contacted EPIC. Linkedin have created a profile for me against my consent as well as other faculty members. To make it clear: I’ve never received an email to add me to their list etc. I delete email that is unsolicited…clear and simple.

I have software that immediately notifies me when my name comes up and thus the email to Linkedin below:

This was done less than 48 hours ago as I closely monitor my privacy. Take me off your list immediately.

I think the are harvesting academic information from university web sites and research papers published on the Internet and then creating profiles of people who have never been to your site. I’ve noticed almost all faculty from my school are in your profiles and I’ve already asked one faculty member at my school and they deny ever approving to have such a profile or ever hearing of linkedin.

Please desist from this practice and remove me.

I have been trying to cancel my LinkedIn account for three weeks with no success whatsoever. I’ve opened three tickets to cancel my account, and all I got is an automated reply “we are in receipt…”.

LinkedIn is a DISGRACE and they should be obligated by law to provide users with a way to cancel the account without going through “customer support”. They say in their blog that “the user owns the data”, it’s not true!

Any ideas on how to make them cancel my account will be very welcome.

Just try unsubscribing from Linkedin. They make you feel as if
your IQ is below zero. You did not reply properly.

{Please fill in your reply below this line}

{Please fill in your reply above this line}

Hello? How many times do I have to fill in the form? Is anyone out there in LINKEDIN Customer Service? Or did HAL take over?

FIVE SERVICE TICKETS!! Not only is that a waste but completely ridiculous.

Then you call and do you get to speak to a customer service person? No, you get a voice mail. This company needs lessons in Customer Service.

I know, I will email all those who thought up this company and
email them AND I will paste all the ticket numbers and replies.

So far I’ve been able to connect three friends with jobs and dug up a few old connections I’d lost. I don’t see anything wrong with keeping an account there even if I’m not getting much benefit out of it.

To me it’s usefulness lies in the usage by account holders. It could be completely worthless if people weren’t posting jobs or questions with valid answers. The fact is, people are doing both. That makes it a pretty useful service to me.

Now, ask me whether or not I think it’s a service worth paying for… No.

I opted out when I saw that my LinkedIn profile was the highest placed link in a search for my name. I do not want to be defined by my Linked In membership.

BUT…tighter economy equals trying harder to find work, so I signed back on after a few of my friends pinged me to join their network. Except I chose to NOT make my public profile public.

Guess what?

It’s now public. Top of the search engine placement. And quess what else? My preference STILLL specify, and they confirm, that my profile will not appear on any search engines.

Simply saying that Linked In sucks does not do justice to exactly how much it sucks. It sucks like March winds blow. It sucks like every toilet in the world flushing at once. It sucks like the biggest vaccum cleaner in the world.

Can you tell I’m pissed? Well, I am, but also embarassed that I fell for it again.

I have the same issue with closing an account. Despite multiple confirmation from Stacy M. Customer Support Agent it is still open and public.

I disagree- I am a person who is building a new company who has a current company. I use linked in as a tool to let my current customer base, and friends in the industry know about my new business venture. It has helped to strengthen existing relationships and to build new ones… I predict Linked In will be profitable, perhaps even purchased by Google or Yahoo… It’s what you make of it! Just like everything else in life. There is nothing free… Linked in is a tool for the professional, and I love it.

I’m in the entertainment business in a linkedin sea of corporate soup. I’ve actually gotten 5 jobs in just 1 week that I’ve been on Linkedin from people seeing me on the site. THAT IS AMAZING. Funny, but I do mostly corporate entertaining. It’s like being in a baseball stadium and having my name announced over and over again. VERY NICE.

I’ve also reconnected with former college and high school friends I haven’t seen in over 25 years.

Anything that’s free and gives you some type of advertising is OK with me. Any of the above gripers should just stop complaining and go away.


Here is a note that I got from a friend of mine today, and my reason for Googling “linkedin”.
It appears that her problem is one that several of you have seen above.

Just a quick apology email…
today I received an invitation to join this “Linked in” networking site that seems focused on employment/ professional networking, and while checking it out… it invited my entire contact list… which I had NOT intendedto do.

The upshot is that I have gotten several confused emals from folks I have not otherwise talked to in a bit… so it was good to reconnect… even under the circumstance.

Long story short… dont join this "linkedin network on my earlier email alone! I am not currently endorsing it…dont see myself using it as much as my personal networking sites like the facebook or tribe type sites!

I would like to take linkedin to court coz they hve retained my information even after i removed my account

Please let me knwo who else wants to join me and file a lawsuit against them

my dad is a lawyer and i would love to take them to cleaners

I live in Canada

Email me at kkate@yahoo.com

Can anyone in the mean time tell me how to replace / delete infor from linkedin after the account has been deactivated- closed


I use LinkedIn ALL THE TIME for business. This site is great because it connects you to other people you otherwise would not have run into. How many of us know what all of our friends friends do for a living? It has been a very beneficial networking tool for all of us, not just me, in the company. I personally have found two people that we have brought on a consultants to our business. I give this website two thumbs up. Brillant idea and can be very useful.

Everyone has reasons for not liking it but has anyone devised a list of what would make Linkedin good? What would be in there that isnt?

And who believes linkedin would use this to improve? Is there a wish list anywhere that they look?

I have to disagree … for me it has worked. I joined linked in and have had many job leads, and several direct offers as a result.
My current job (been in role now 2.5 years) came directly as a head hunter approach form Linked In.
I run a team and 2 of those guys also got their jobs as a result of Linked In.
So it worked for me …

Wow. Bitter. So don’t use it! Don’t waste your precious time. For me, I found my current and fabulous job via Linkedin. I’ve also found friends that I’d completely lost track of from my childhood, which has been fun. Some have found me.

While, yes, picking up the phone and sending emails are great, if you don’t have the email address… that makes it hard. And not everyone is listed in a phone directory. I’m not. So Linkedin does work for some people. And that does not make me silly or stupid. I deserve to be taken seriously. You, however, I will never think of again. Have a nice day.

I’ve been trying to remove myself from linkedin for over 3 months. I deleted my profile but my name and some info still shows up in their directory. I’ve contacted them multiple times but still no resolution. I’m contemplating legal action at this point as I really need that info removed.


I believe that the arguments against LinkedIn are valid IF you simply view LinkedIn as a way to receive jobs offers. Remember the argument in behalf of Microsoft’s Version Control program vs. Subversion as seen in another Coding Horror article? It’s the same here: If you simply measure LinkedIn’s usefulness on the basis of number of job offers, it’s useless.

I really only use it for managing good contacts. I don’t spam invitations to every person whose names I happen to recognized from a previous job or from a random class I took in college, but use it as a form of contact management.

Manager Tools, an excellent source for articles and podcasts for effective managers has a podcast related to preparation in case of a layoff. In the podcast, it is suggested that one should have at least 100 contacts on paper and that they need to up to date. How difficult would this be to actually have something like this on paper. Moreover, this contact list needs to be in a NEUTRAL place or at home, and not on a work computer. Anyone who has worked for a larger corporation or for any technology-related company and has been laid off knows that you are often escorted back to your desk after being laid off and that often times you are not even allowed to touch your computer (bye bye valuable Outlook address book). LinkedIn become that perfect list you always have with you with up-to-date names, contacts, etc.

I have a Facebook account but rarely use it. So many around do and play and do who knows what on there but I guess, I’ve just failed at being a Facebooker. I don’t have time to use it, play games on it, tag photos, setup photo galleries, take quizzes, etc. and frankly, I just don’t want to do that.

LinkedIn is a perfect place where I can connect with previous people who I have worked with, or who I studies with in school but that I frankly have no need to share games, quizzes, or pictures with. I simply want to know what they’re up to and want them to know what I’m doing. If they are looking for someone with my background, then they can see my profile. I know that if I am hiring someone for a specific position, I would favor the one who I have known and interacted in the past over a candidate with the same background but of whom I know little or nothing at all.

Overall, the value of LinkedIn is not the number of good job offers you receive, it’s the value of the information you make available for your contacts to see and the value of having up-to-date contacts in the business world and those contacts not just being limited to individuals in your company or field.

LINKED SUCKS!!! After many attempts to with no customer service, they finally kicked me out of their site! Good! Prior to this - and ther reason for my complaint in the first place was that I was not able to access MY OWN connections and contacts! This was ridiculous! I told them that if unable to fix within 48 hours, I wanted to close my account. I then changed the name in my profile to Linked In Sucks so that everyone who looked at my profile would see it and I gave details as to why. I then proceeded to tell them that I would spread the word to all of my contacts and groups … so I guess they thought they would close my account before I did that. Good luck to them because I will open so many fake accounts and spread the word like WILDFIRE! I have already spread the word to many of these people anyway and will continue to spread the word. Instead of fixing the problem with their lousy network, they just opted to close the account. REMEMBER…these are contacts that WE provide them with. These are not their contacts, so why are they charging people for their own contacts? Glad I did not upgrade. I would have paid for no service and lousy service from LinkedIn.