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@Jeff: Given that the page they took down was called “jargon you coined”, you sure zneak is the originator of “Yoda Notation” (aka Yoda Condition(al)? It’s been in use a long time before May 2010 when zneak supposedly coined it, and even before StackOverflow’s conception. I would google 2005 “yoda notation” for starters (and then maybe give credit where credit is due… :wink:

Nothing wrong with Egyptian Brackets.

The Official C# Language Specification does it in their code examples 798 times.

C# Language Specification

ChronoBug : Raises its ugly head long after the code has shipped.

That may be, but generally they don’t use Egyptian brackets, e.g. in their “Hello World” example.

I personally find it easier to read and it makes more sense to me to keep corresponding brackets on the same column.

This language says a lot about programmer culture. We have “Jimmy”, the clueless new programmer, who is male because programmers are male by default. We have the “mad girlfriend bug”, which programmers can empathize with because they are straight males who know what it is like to have a mad girlfriend. And we have “hooker code”, which relies on the idea of prostitutes as unclean and unsafe.

Yes, programmers are mostly males. Is it somehow discriminatory to aknowledge this? Would you really feel better if the stupid newbie was called Jenny instead? How does that do a favor to female developers? Yes, most programmers can relate to an image of a mad girlfriend. So? How is that offensive to anyone? Would it make you feel better if programmers wouldn’t be allowed to date? And, finally, yes, prostitutes are unclean and unsafe. Would a guy shaking hands all day have clean hands? Would it be offensive to say his hands were dirty? Prostitutes are objectified because they decided to objectify themselves not because of a grand male conspiracy. Fighting for gender equality is not to be confused with being a humourless prick on the Internet.

The girlfriend who is mad for “no reason” while telling her clueless boyfriend that “it’s fine” is a tired old stereotype where women are portrayed as mystical creatures that are impossible for the rational male (who is always up front about every issue and never acts on his emotions) to understand.
And if you seriously believe that prostitutes have freely chosen their line of work you are ignorant and delusional. And no, that one prostitute you know or heard of who is happy with her job is statistically insignificant and does not count.

If you believe that males and females perceive the world and act the same just because it’s politically correct and fashionable to do so, then you’re ignorant and delusional. We’re not drawn to different things and professions accidentally. And while I agree the “it’s fine” stereotype is tired, it didn’t spring into existence just because all males suddenly decided to be assholes. It’s because females often do prefer to avoid direct confrontation, unlike males. And as someone living in the world’s capitol of prostitution (you can easily work out where that might be), I can hardly say I see mistreated poor girls being forced into anything. I see yet another, regulated, branch of economy, and I’m quite sure most of the employees there don’t particularly enjoy constant victimization.

I think my favorite part is this "I can hardly say I see mistreated poor girls being forced into anything. "
I mean, mistreated girls are never forced into anything because they’re treated so well.

Also, if you think men don’t avoid confrontation, I have a heap of anecdotal evidence otherwise. That is what we’re basing your argument off of isn’t it? Anecdotal evidence?

I’m still pretty disappointed my “suck typing” (string + duck) never caught on. It not only aptly describes the concept but also describes the quality of the system that’s using it (and probably the quality of the developer who thought it was a good idea).

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Whatever point you tried to make got lost on me… All I said was that I don’t see anyone being forced into anything. It’s a business regulated by the same laws as every other, and enjoying the same legal status. Why would you just go and randomly victimize people employed there? Why would you automatically assume one has to be forced into doing something you yourself never would? There are many jobs I myself could never do, but many people willingly do them. Why is prostitution this magical job that not single person willingly does? You think none of those people could have opted to work in a field/mine/any other hard place and simply decided not to? Why would you just assume that?
On the topic of masculine/feminine differences, there’s no need for anecdotes. Did you ever see a female? Do their bodies look the same as yours to you? Have you ever read a book on the origins and history of our species? We have had vastly different trajectories to arrive where we are. We have fought our battles differently. We are most definitely equal, but in no way identical. And a big part of respecting each other is acknowledging this.


When describing a complex process to someone without the knowledge to understand the technical jargon, when the person your telling it to really doesn’t need to know, or doesn’t care.


Programmer to Designer:

Designer: So the url for rendering resized images, how does it work?
Programmer: Just use /imagerender?url=/media/somepic.jpg&maxWidth=1200&maxHeight=300, use whatever width/height you want, the resizing is done automagically.

Golden Apple:
When you write a big MASSIVE program in one shot in a speed programming burst and fire it up for the first time and everything works, no errors, functioning exactly as intended. You test it, it passes every test. QA even passes it and it goes straight to release. No bugs are ever found with it.

It seems like InterfectP was just making an observation about programmer culture based on the information presented in the article…why do you assume that the purpose of the comment was to fight for gender equality? It would seem that instead of chuckling at the observation you perceived it as some type of attack on something? By your very own words then “fighting for some alleged great (in your mind) cause is not to be confused with being a humorless prick on the Internet (clearly what you have shown yourself to be)”…ironic indeed!

Because I’m sick of “observations” making programmer culture look misogynist. And I can’t chuckle at that. It was never intended to be humorous (unlike the original post), hence my “humorless” remark. On the other hand, my post was a reply to something already lacking humor, so your
"oh my, it’s so ironic" card, while cute, fails miserably. Otherwise, I would be able to say the same about your post, ad infinitum.
And, most importantly, gender equality is a great goal. Not “alleged”, “in my mind”, or whatever other epithet you used to discredit it. If you don’t share that opinion, I have nothing to say to you.

I notice you don’t have “Borked” (the term you use to politely call for “fucked” status), or “Deployarrhea” - the long string of builds that represent the realization that what you did was borked, and the next deploy failed to include critical-path units, followed by another deploy that introduced a Hindenbug, and so on and on.

I like to use the term “Knight’s Tour” to describe a global change that requires visiting most if not all the source files.

I don’t know if the term exists already (or if anyone reads this thread still), but I just fixed a bug that made me think of the term “popcorn kernel bug”, for those bugs that are like having a piece of popcorn stuck in your teeth for a week.

You should add anchors to these! :smile:

{ } <— these brackets are called braces

I’ve actually spotted Megamoths of over 7k lines! In one project I know of there was three functions essentially doing the same thing (i.e. printing), 7k, 6k and 4k lines respectively. They all contained internally duplicated blocks. The biggest such block where over 1k lines. Oh, did I mention this system had been in production (as in used by actual customers) for almost 15 years.

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We have been used the “anti-bug” in our projects when someones fix the symptom of an existing bug (instead of the cause) by adding code somewhere. The anti-bug together with the bug then causes the “collapse” of both, like matter and antimatter.

Later, another developer fixes one of those pieces of code, then the other piece starts causing warm.