New Programming Jargon

I have no idea why some people think Egyptian brackets makes code easier to read. I guess our virtual cortexes are not all wired in the same way.

Oh, and js? The guy who raged on how non-Egyptian brackets are so stupid, and smugly reverts them in other people’s code? Seriously? I regard that rant as an “Extinction Burst”

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OK, this thing is now bookmarked. I should introduce a few of these among my coworkers, it should provide a more efficient communication (like design patterns do :slight_smile: ).


if (you.cantRead(this)) {

I disagree.

“if” != “}”

So the open and close represented visually don’t match. I’ve always found this to be more difficult to look at once the ifs get nested.

Still, its a preference and the only rule a developer should adhere to is consistency. If you like Egyptian, you better do it all the time so when others have to change the code they’re not fighting syntax too.

You “fix it” to Egyptian before you give it back to them? Congrats, you get today’s pompous ass award.

Some times I got so funny (read stupid :)) ) requirements from somewhere that my team has not even wanted to evaluate them, so I coin the term FTR.

Figure out yourself what FTR means :))

I had to stop reading at 17th because I was about to lol at work.

Oh ,come on: Yoda would never say “if blue is the sky”. True Yoda conditions would be RPN: “if blue the sky is”, or “if (blue sky ==)”.

Some terms we use at my workplace:

Pattern 24 – the missing GoF design pattern (copy ‘n’ paste)

Ninja Commit – commit code to the repository and then leaving the building immediately.

Sometimes the comments take up so much of the screen… you’d just like to get to the code. I’d call that “Green Screening” because the comment colors are usually green, and the whole screen is full of green.

John: "Jeez when does the code start?"
Ted: “Can’t wait for the special effects with all this green screening.”

Awesome post. I happened to come across a prime example of stringly typed just after I read about it here. I wrote a blog post of my woe here

The terms are just freaking hilarious! :slight_smile:

And there is so much truth in it. I’ve seen most of that in real life so many times, some on a daily basis.

You could also mention an “Lance Armstrong Bug”:

Lance Armstrong bug: when the code never fails a test,
but evidence shows it’s not behaving as it should.


I saw a MEGAMOTH with more than 7k LOC.

It’s terrible. A real monster.

To access the deleted SO question just go to

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This one is game dev specific, but I like it. Indievidual: an independent game developer consisting of one person only, as nowadays even large studios use the ‘indie’ label.

I know I shouldn’t really resurrect an old topic, but I just used a piece of jargon that should be included - due to programming with the Blackberry webworks api (which doesn’t like to give error messages, it just fails silently, taking down your entire app).

Coding like Santa (checking it twice [at least]).

Hi Jeff, any chance you could add id’s (or if you want to be retro, anchor names) to the H3 elements so entries can be linked to directly?

The Pokemon jargon should be fixed. The real Catch’em all is this one:

try {
catch (Throwable ex) {
   // Gotcha!

You’re welcome :slight_smile:

Scenes from a Hat Development (Whose line is it Anyway )

When the user or the client has surreal ideas about functionality and the developers have to make it true

You are missing the Lance Armstrong bug: When the code never fails a test, but evidence shows it’s not behaving as it should.