Level One: The Intro Stage

The usual way to approach this is exactly that. The supplier provides a training data set that allows your staff to learn the software without damaging anything.

Good point. You just forgot to explicitly mention this was good because games were monochromatic blinking dots! :stuck_out_tongue:

But then again, they could be just books. No need to explain gameplay if the game got a proper intro stage or something similar.

The whole point in this post, IMHO, isn’t so much manuals suck, tho. It’s just “when you can make a good intro stage, it’s so much better than anything else to teach how to play!”…

Except when you already know how to play and have no way to skip the level one.

Miyamoto on the first level of Mario!

Oh, was it that far back in time :wink:
This could be the reason why I only have so vague memories :slight_smile:

I agree that from gaming only point of view it is not required to have a manual if you have a great way of intro and tutorial.

But for me a game exists outside of the border of the machine, too. And thus it matters to have manuals (and other additional goodies) going together with the game. I like to have some haptic sensation. And I like the smell of printed paper, too :slight_smile: