LCD Monitor Arms

Nice setup. Mind telling us what those 3-dial boxes are under the L and R displays?

Cool setup, Jeff! But please tell us, what screensaver is it that you’re running here?

"what screensaver is it that you’re running here?"
It’s his wallpaper…

What ever you do, just dont go cheap…

I purchased two of these

and one is returned (the other sitting in a box to be resold on ebay), the tension screws are incredibly difficult to work w/ to the point that they just don’t work at all. and the head tension screw wouldn’t turn, i actually twisted the steel alan wrench. I just wish i had dished out the extra cash for a one of the LX desk mount arms

Oh wow… That’s hot.

And where in the world did you find a 5440 x 1200 resolution wallpaper??

I have a duel monitor set up of one 22 inch and one 20 inch and have considered gong triple monitor, but I can’t justify it. Maybe some day. :slight_smile:

Jeff, do the arms push back any more? It looks like you have some unusable space behind there.

I’m still trying to get a second monitor past the budget committee (my wife) ;).

Markt, they’re definitely just speakers.


What DID you use for the VESA mounting panel on your 24" monitors? It’s not just the weight (as Kev noted, above). According to Samsung’s site:

the wall mount for that monitor is VESA 200x100, not the 100x100 that comes with those arms. Also, the Ergotron compatibility page:

doesn’t even list your Samsung SyncMaster 245B monitors there (unless it goes by a non-obvious model number). And, the very page you link to for the actual stand:

specifies a maximum LCD size of ’ 20"’.

I don’t see anything obvious on the Ergotron web site which would modify these stands for an LCD monitor greater than 20". They have a product category for larger monitors, but nothing like these stands is in there.

Never mind the bit about the 245B not being in the compatibility list. I went back and scrolled through the list again and it’s there (darn old eyes). The details say you need a 200x100 mount and the monitor (w/o base) weighs 11.8 lbs. For the 213T, you use the 100x100 standard mount and it weighs 11.3 lbs. So, as Kev was wondering, for the dual monitor stand, the combined weight is 23.1 lbs. That fits in the 20 to 40 lbs capacity. But, still, I wonder about the LCD Size limitation and if Steve Olsen provided you with that 200x100 mount. I assume that doesn’t come free with these stands.

I have to reiterate the question about the desktop wallpaper. I’m part of the three monitor club based on your arguments alone and I love it. Yet I can’t find decent wallpapers for 3x1680x1050 monitors… please advise.

So, to get two arms on one base, do you just buy two whole arm sets and then throw away one base?

Jeff, where do you find the time to blog? I’m consistently amazed by the quality and frequency of your posts – think you might be able to cover a few “man behind the curtain” ideas?

Also, that’s Steve Olson, right?

For some Hi-Res multi-monitor wallpaper check out the archive at

Most are dual, but there are a several triple(labeled Triptych) at up to 2560x1600.

Please post also about the importance of a good, ergonomic keyboard for someone who spend 8+ hours a day in front of the screen! I’ve had, and still have on a different PC, the original Natural Keyboard Pro; and now the 4000 (which you have in your setup as well), but many people just ignore those products simply because they cost 10 times more than a basic generic 'board…


If you had your choice, which I believe you do when making the home purchase, would you go with the black arms?



I recommended the Ergotron triple monitor mount a while back on on of your posts about the triple monitor club.

I really like the model I have and I’m curious why Steve waved you away from it? It has all the same feature you list here for the 2x1 and the 1x1 and has the added benefit of being just a bit less expensive (well, $170 less expensive).

Why, Steve, Why?

One benefit I see to your setup is that it completely opens the space under the monitors.

Why would receiving free items after posting a blog be a conflict of interest? You have already stated your opinion about the product, unless you intend to post a follow up which has a different opinion.


Get the item and post your honest opinion. If it sucks, say it sucks. What will happen other than the vendor getting pissed off and not sending you a future item again? I don’t think you have to be under any obligation to post a kiss-ass review just because you got it for free. This is the best way to review many products without buying them.

Your blog is about software from your personal prospective. You do not work for a journal or magazine. I think your idea of coflict of interest is a bit stretched.

I think Microsoft uses similar arms. I have seen photos of some employees at their desks and their monitors are attached to similar arms.

Steve Olsen provided you with that 200x100 [mounting plate]

Indeed he did. I didn’t know that until after the fact, but Steve was nice enough to ship me three 200x100 plates (I only needed two).

I really like the [ergotron triple monitor mount] I have and I’m curious why Steve waved you away from it?

Mostly because it is bulky, with a giant base, and difficult/inflexible to work with. Three Ergotron arms will cost a little less than $300 if we get a dual LX arm and then a single LX arm.

Please post also about the importance of a good, ergonomic keyboard

would you go with the black arms?

I might go with black at home since the arms will be largely hidden. behind my monitors. At work the arms are plainly visible to anyone who enters my office. Silver is a little more stealth of a color; I don’t want the arms to stand out, I want them to blend in.

oh my fucking god… triple monitor? this is freakin’ insane…