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Keeping Up and "Just In Time" Learning


Nice article. The IT field is basically a quagmire. Its better to accept that fact right away or move on to a different field. I guess someday I wish for Utopia where I won’t be obsoleted when I get out of bed each and every morning.

The industry needs to stop running around like a chicken with its head cut off trying to find the next big thing. The tools constantly change, but yet they do the same thing, create code to run on machines. First we get a screwdriver and learn how to use it. Then out comes the newdriver, different than the screwdriver, but does the same thing. Then out comes the phewdriver which is totally different than the screw and new driver but performs the same function of both previous tools.

Other industries change for the better. This industry changes because someone or some company says this is the better way to sell a product. The IT industry is perpetually undermining its own productivity.




Great post. I’m glad I’m not the only one who thinks it’s impossible to stay on top of everything. The anxiety drops when you just ignore the news and the Internet in general and just concentrate on the program / problem at hand.


Hi codinghorror, I have been pretty much a long time reader since 2015. I find your posts insightful, thoughtful, enjoyable and interesting.

They have been a bigger influence on me, as someone who is interested in working with software, after first thinking about getting into games when I was younger :smiley:. I am sorry to say if it’s not my place as a fan, but sometimes you are too hard on yourself! And thus me reading your posts, and anyone I share your posts with, they also share that burden of being hard on oneself… It’s very difficult for me.

Sometimes it may be necessary for your ideas to have discipline if you want them to be good. But other times…

  • You don’t have to do “first things first every day”
  • You DO NOT have to memorize and understand every patten the gang of four have catalogued.
  • You do NOT have to read every technical blog, print out every technical article and learn every technical thing there is to learn.

:heart: certainly seems a little too squishy at times :joy::laughing: But from me, t1 from the Hopscotch forums, to you:

You are beautiful just the way you are, and you rock!!