So who will be writing all of the code for this project?

And more importantly, will that code be throwing and catching exceptions?


You know Jeff, your site wouldn’t get confused as CodingWhore if you Americans could speak properly. (:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: I kid, I kid!)


Hmm… I’ve spent the last two days listening to the podcast- not repetitively, mind you. I would listen to almost 10-15 minutes at a time and I’m starting to see the points others here have made with the whole podcasts sucking and even you Jeff have said that you don’t like podcasts. I listen to them when it makes sense for me as in when I can multitask at work for example and listening won’t affect my performance… otherwise I never listen to podcasts. It really irked me when Joel insisted on folks recording themselves asking questions… and I just really hope you don’t transition to some kind of podcast realm. Having information documented in plain text is way more useful over podcasts; this is all redundant from the folks here… anyways, just my .02.


I think this new website of yours could definitely fill a niche. For inspiration, I think you should definitely take a look at It’s an amazing community. Everyone is very helpful and almost every question gets a good answer. They have experience points (like karma) and user levels based on those experience points, which give you more privileges (like more votes) on the site. I’ve never seen another site quite like it. If you succeeded in making something similar, with a broader focus, that would be wonderful.


I don’t do audio, I do text. Sign me up and let’s see where we can take it. Oh! Can’t sign up yet! andy at arakka dot co dot th is the name. Andy Canfield, Roiet, Thailand.


While working, I often look for how to do things in google. I think this is a great idea. Looking forward to using it!


For those after an RSS for itunes or whatever, here’s one I made a pipe for for personal use. It should work at least for getting it onto itunes easy like.


You know, I’m going to be interested to see how handles answers that were right, and thus are highly rated, that become wrong. (Many questions regarding how to do something in .NET, for instance, had their answers change when 2.0 came out.) Many of the voting systems that I’ve seen have a bias towards older answers - the top twenty at hasn’t really changed much over the years, even though there’s much funnier quotes in the database.


Great. Looking forward for it.


sounds awesome…I can’t believe no one has thought of this. I’m looking forward to how the Q (correct only)A will be laid out.


Hi Jeff,

Been an avid sometime/longtime reader of your excellent blog. As you’re venturing into new audio territory, you might consider using Pingercast as a way to reach your audience. It’s an opt-in, subscription based service through a custom widget you place on your site that connects directly to your listeners via their mobile phone. It could be used as a summary (it’s limited to 5 mins.) of your full podcast, and subscribers can reply back with questions/comments directly from their phone. Worth looking into. See for some examples.

The full Pinger service is also quite handy for managing 1-1, 1-many, and voice mail messaging.


I find downloading the Firefox UserAgentSwitcher and surfing as the Google-bot gets round most of these bullshit bait and switch search results.


Just so you know in order to be a “podcast” it HAS to be avaiable on an RSS feed. The whole concept of podcasts is to download and listen later at your schedule.

What you have is simply a sound recording that is available for download. nothing podcast about that.

Just my nitpicking on people throwing around podcast term just becuase its a new buzzword and not actually having a podcast.

I look forward ot it ONCE I can subscribe to the podcast.



Actually I’m glad someone is going after the x-x model. They suck. 'nuff said…

What I would actually like to see is less of a ‘forum’ format, cuz there’s too many of those already and more would just increase the static. I would like to see something like Helium, but with a tech focus - programmers write articles and others rate the article and submit edits, which can be approved by the author. I like to write about programming occasionally, as can be seen on my site, but I don’t have the time to do a full-time programming blog. Still, I would like people to read my articles - the one on my site about a login database is one of the most popular pages on the site, after the photo page - not sure why, but it’s apparently a good article or it has an unusual nugget of info in it somewhere.

I want a place where I can post those kind of articles and work with other programmers to improve them. Codeproject gets about half way there with their user-submitted articles, but their article-posting interface and other rules get in the way too much.


Good luck with the podcasts. I have a complete distaste for the medium that won’t be overcome any time soon, but I’m sure there’s an audience out there for it (or we wouldn’t have the term podcast in the first place).


How would this be different from


Hi Jeff,

I just heard the first podcast for StackOverflow with you and Joel Spolsky and I wanted to congratulate you on your new endeavor. Although I’ve been programming since 1990, I have always considered myself a novice and your comment about the “Humble Programmer” struck a chord with me. Anybody with any sense realizes that no matter how much you know, there’s always more to learn and it’s truly impossible to feel fully confident in your programming skills.

Thanks very much,

Bill White - Phoenix, AZ


Had a look at this week’s update. Great on getting the RSS and transcription wiki up. That’ll make lots of people happy. Keep it up!


Having babysat the ASPN ( web site for two years (2005-2007), I’ve often dreamt of the possibilities of leveraging its organic search engine traffic with a social network. Unfortunately, I was never granted the resources to carry it out. The “social network for developers” idea is a winner and its great to hear you talented folks will be rolling it out.


** I have no time to listen to a 46 minute podcast. **

Text is the dominate form on the Net for several reasons. Think about it. I’m not sure this is a good precedent to start at StackOverflow. Programming knowledge tidbit #1: Text downloads faster, is more indexible, and will be experienced by more people than audio.