RSS is easy


Question 1: Why didn’t you use a DOCTYPE? :wink:


So cool, I can’t wait to see it evolve. Well done both. :slight_smile:


Regarding “google, copy, paste, and tweak-till-it-works programmers”. OMG, you are onto my methodology! Seriously though, there is nothing wrong with this. Often I will document and add to my notes anything that required research so that I won’t need to search for it again.


I love the name and enjoyed the podcast. Those people who think that searching on the web for answers to programmatic problems is bad approach can certainly make that argument all day long and be right the entire time. It still does not line-up with reality and why the book market has tumbled.

I am just wondering if the podcasts will eventually evolve into these DotNetRocks type of productions with advertising spots and intro/outro tunes.

I kind of liked the simplicity and natural feeling of the conversational tone. It felt more like standing outside of a conversation occurring between developers at some event.


OK, so since your podcast is not RSS-ready yet, I put the file on my iPod “manually” and listened to it in the car.

My commute is only about half an hour so I got about 33 minutes in and then had to turn it off. I just now went to go run an errand and since it’s not a “podcast” on the iPod and I didn’t mark the file to “resume” or whatever, I fastforwarded it to 33 minutes in.

Only then it wouldn’t play. The iPod (5.5G) went back to the main menu, like I had just finished playing it. For a brief second I can even see “0 of 0” at the top of the screen.

If I try and fastforward a little bit it works but if I go past like 20 minutes, it’s like it “crashes”

So, whatever you’re using to encode these might need a little work. I’ll mark the file as resumable and see what happens later.


Oh, and isn’t always funny to hear that people you really admire have many of the same habits as yourself. I don’t know why I expect Joel or even yourself, Jeff, to never miss keystroke; but, it was funny hearing him mention the “change to classic” in order find anything in Windows.

I always feel silly doing that kind of stuff but chalked it up to “hey, works for me”.


Am I the only one disappointed by this announcement? I thought Jeff promised something new and revolutionary. What he now “delivers” is yet another programming forum / QA site, with no indication of what exactly would make this different from all the other ones.


I’m extremely excited by this. I hope it goes far.


The podcast should obviously be named Stackovercast.


I looked up at the walls and they met the ceiling at 90 degrees :slight_smile:


Jeff, you’re a bold type elitist. So, I hope you can understand us being bitter and wanting to hold onto our RSS.


Am I missing something?

Problem: Popular blog posts attract lots of comments which then don’t all get read. It’s possible to make popular posts more prominent, but popular isn’t necessarily better.

Solution: You’re going to provide a series of (unsearchable) podcasts where developers can record questions in audio format, send them to you and wait for their topic to be discussed at an unspecified point in time on a phone call between you and Joel.

I can see two positive aspects to your idea:

  1. People who regularly take long journeys can gradually improve their knowledge about development issues (assuming the quality of the podcasts is consistently high, and judging by the first episode I’m not confident of this), and
  2. It requires almost no additional effort on your part, since you were going to be having these phone calls anyway.

As much as I admire and respect many things that you and Joel have done, I don’t understand how this is going to address the problem.

I’ll check back in a couple of weeks in the hope that I’ve completely mis-understood what is all about.


I am avidly looking forward to this project, and I will willingly volunteer myself to assist in its success.


I use expert exchange and I find it very useful. I get answers within 30 minutes and their search function is very useful. yes I pay $12.95 but it’s well worth it. Searching using Google sometimes is time consuming and my time’s worth searching during the month is a ton more than $12.95.

If you guys can offer it for free that would be great. But if you’re going to put ads everywhere as your business model, I would rather pay the $12.95. I just need something that works and is useful. Expert exchange is a service and I don’t mind paying for a useful service.

So is this why you left your jon at Vertigo… to launch a free site?
I am not sure how you’re making a living out of this.

I didn’t like Joel’s post much. You shouldn’t have a problem with a service charging money if you think you could do better and the ex-ex site doesn’t claim every answer is coming from an ‘expert’. As an IT professional, I know when an answer is worth its salt. There are many times when I just can’t remember something and answers I see there direct me to the correct way.

Sometimes I don’t feel like spending more than 5 minutes searching for
an answer and I would just post a question as an easy way out and I have infinite points.

Your new site will need to take its time to build a useful database full of knowledge so in the beginning to me, searches on it will return nothing.

Anyways, congrats and I am looking forward to using it.


Good luck on your new site guys.
i will be watching :wink:


just scroll waaaaaaaaaay down the page

ExEx hasn’t always been like that. That’s probably a forced thing they’re doing at the moment because some search engine threatened to delist them for obscuring the content they showed to the engine or something. I’m sure they’ll go back to not showing the answers at all if they can figure out a way to get away with it and not give up their search engine rank.


How about building this with google app engine? Or at least considering it?

On this topic… What technologies are you intending to use to build this?


I thought a transcript would be nice – so I thought I would take a stab at it.

There is a heavy burden on the transcriptionst to “get it right.” Taking someones words and putting them to text where it can be searched and quoted and all of the consequences of that is a big responsibilty. I typed up the first ten minutes of the podcast and thought to myself – this better be accurate.

It isn’t enough to disclaim the potential errors. I sent an email to Jeff asking if he would accept a transcript. If he does, I will send it on, but it seems like Jeff or someone else would need to review the transcript for accuracy.

And, then it beings to look like work rather than a quick write-up to help people who might not want to or can’t listen to the podcast.

Feedback? –


I dont know if anyone else has seen this peculiarity of ExEx…but whenever I search for something on Google on ExEx it comes up ok…the results are all displayed in normal text AFTER all the adverts at the bottom of the page. its always been like that for me on all my pc’s in different jobs…