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How to Get Rich Programming


Coding works well if you know how to design as well, websites are strangely enough both. You can waste a lot of time and make nothing at all and then you can spend no time at all, make a nice design with Cataclysm http://www.cataclysm-warcraft.com/ impact and with minimal effort gain the most.

With games and programming it comes down to strategy of developing a game addictive enough to have repeat customers.


Yes, there’s so much opportunity for programmers - particularly 3rd party developers for open source CMSes like Joomla. And creating games is really fun, so the temptation to invest your time in creating an online game is huge !
Rob. Warcraft Quest


Very True. I spent 8 years mastering many programming languages and another 3 years developing a project. When it was time to release my project (a social networking site) I used every possible source to get users. From blogging, forums, social networking sites, tweeting, and even paid advertising through AdWords… I got to the point of 400 daily visitors to my login page… it costed me a good investment to get that as well. After 3 months of 400 daily visitors (about 36,000 visitors) I got ONE sign up. I’ve learned that people don’t trust something they’ve never heard of before. You have to be popular to get popular… it’s a catch 22.