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"But what … is it good for?"
Engineer at the Advanced Computing Systems Division of IBM, 1968, commenting on the microchip.



Be your power animal :slight_smile:


I nominate, to bring balance to :slight_smile:


lol @


how about (another vb programmers saving grace)




I finally noticed the “fello whackers”


How about “


I just bought them all. Feel free to choose which one you like. It will cost you ONE HUNDRED BILLION DOLLARS!


#272 appears to be free


What about ?

(I own it, but failed to use it)


how about:


Haven’t really checked, but I doubt is taken :wink:


all available:

… that’s all i got.


Er no ‘T.E.D.’…

As you said, there are many that don’t use those keywords… and oh my, strangely enough - a whole load that do…

Saying that private void isn’t ‘programming’ topical, is just being pedantic, and sorry- but, very ‘sad’.



Actually, I imeediately thought of, but since it’s sort of “taken”, “willcodeforfun” could do it too.


Derek: "I prefer humbledevelopers to …"
Sridhar Ratnakumar: "I prefer …"
Rob Lambert: "I really like “Humble Developer”. "
Paul (slightly OOC): "I like humbledeveloper …"
Antonio: "Voted for humbleprogrammer"
F.O.R.: "I’ll reveal my original pick (, "

I’m with all these folks. I don’t really like any of the rest. Too many of them look like aliases for Cult of the Dead Cow. I’d say all of the following look like names of cracker/script kiddie sites:

“stackoverflow” is particularly bad this way.

Then again, perhaps that’s what you are going for? If so, perhaps we are all on the wrong track. :slight_smile:


I can’t believe so many people voted private void, other than its link to programming, I don’t think it gives the right idea, private void is kinda the least social member, its hidden away and doesn’t really give you a decent reply, just a grumble…

Not to mention that it sounds like a porno site after about 2 seconds of a second of hearing it.

Stack overflow, meh - sounds cooler than private void, but again doesn’t really sound positive…