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Farewell Stack Exchange


1000x thanks for making StackOverflow and helping me and a ton of others escape the dungeon of E-E! SO and SE only worked so well so fast because of your your direction and spirit.

orange rules!


Many thanks for doing what you did, Jeff!

Hopefully you can find some time to blog more? I missed the regular Coding Horror posts while you were off doing Stack Overflow.


Thanks is just a word, yet, apps, servers, desktops and smartphone, all mine, all been supported by stack exchange sites.

Getting the correct answer is one post away, and that is a revolution!

So I will use that word of thank you to express my gratefulness, and wish you the best of time with your kids (old and new altogether ;-)).


While I’m not a Dad, I feel extremely fortunate to have had a Dad who had the forsight to choose a rewarding career compatible with raising a family.

I wish you the best Jeff. And I hope to see your future thoughts on this blog, time permitting of course!


Congratulations on a job well done old friend. Doing what you love does not have to be exclusive of loving the people you love. I found that I work better during the day if I go home at night, and the memories of being with my kids are better than any professional accomplishment. There is nothing better than being there when your kids want to know how something works, or which way to go.

I look forward to seeing what you come up with next.


I think it’s within reason to say StackOverflow has probably assisted most developers on the planet with an Internet connection at some point or another. I am certainly no exception.

Best of luck with whatever you may try in the future.


Thank you, Jeff. And good luck.


Thank you and good luck!


As a young coder, I used to take it for granted that any issues I had I could just check on the internet and I’d find the answer. Of course, a large chunk of these answers were often found on StackOverflow.

It can be too easy to take things for granted, and for too long I took SO for granted and didn’t appreciate the huge effort that went into making countless lives easier. Thank you for everything.


Thanks Jeff! Your dream, now a striving community, helps us enormously.


I really hope you will be an example for many of us wasting premium time with our family for less important work stuff.


Thank you for making the Internet better! Best of luck on your new adventure.


Hundreds of thanks for your great work for programming community! All the best and wish you good luck for your next step!


Up Vote!


You can be rightly proud of what you produced at StackOverflow/StackExchange. You need to be proud of your “work” with your family too, and it is a good thing that your have the clarity to realise this and that you have the opportunity to do something about it.

I recently also became the father of twins and at the time a really good (in the sense that it would double my already adequate income) career opportunity came along. But, like you, I realised something. What’s the point of pulling 80 hour weeks, week-after-week, just to pad out your wallet when your kids are missing one thing they need more. You! Fathers only get one chance at this.

You made a brave choice. I think you made the right choice.


Sometimes it’s best just to concentrate on what is important, you have acheived a lot with StackExchange, it take a sensible chap to realise what you have and its a large sacrifice, but I have no doubt you will not regret this and in time go onto other great things.

You are an inspiration to generation of coders/engineers, good luck with your new focus, I am sure it will be more rewarding, but just as hard work.


Jeff, you have totally blown the programming world away with the Stack Q&A sites, I could not imagine life without it now, to achieve that in 4 years is simply incredible, some would say impossible.

Yet having the realisation that your children need you now is all the more bigger achievement, it takes a bigger man to put their family first.

I’m sure there is a life/work balance there for you somewhere, and I expect you will find it in time, but for now enjoy the most important years of your families lives, you can’t get that time back, business will take care of itself, but family won’t.

As if your respect in the community wasn’t already enough I think you just achieved god-like status amongst us all - well done and enjoy your life.


Programming is now faster. Thanks!


Ben Simpkins said

We'll never miss you as much as your children would.

Very well said, poetic actually.


stackexchange is in my utility belt, thank you!

let us know when the voting for new company name begin?



? :slight_smile: