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Farewell Stack Exchange


Nothing to say, just stand up and applaud you. Bravo!


Good Choice.

We Mormons have a saying: “No other success can compensate for failure in the home”

It is very true and you have chosen the right path.

But may I say THANK YOU for stackoverflow (and the other stack exchange sites). It has fundamentally changed how I get and share knowledge.

When ever I have a question that does not have a stack exchange site, I am always a bit sad. But if there is a stack exchange site for it, I know a good answer is not far off.

You have made the internet a far better place for programmers and everyone else! Thank you sir!


Well done mate.

There is only one metric to measure yourself against - are you going to leave this world happy.

Making your children happy is a tremendously noble goal and I wish you tonnes of success in it.

It’s passion that drives us and you seem to have discovered further passion for life - awesome!

BTW - that little SE thing - it’s quite an acheivement too.


Damn… i feel like mourning.Yet i wish you luck on your latest development…My sincerest Gratitude sir!


Speaking from personal experience, twins are a huge load, and immensely satisfying!!!


Thanks Jeff, and I wish you well with wherever your next adventure leads you.


wish you all the best, Jeff!


Thanks and good luck !


+1 Enjoy spending time with your kids and thanks for the site!


Thanks for helping internet a better place.


Speaking as someone with a Son who worked until 2am last night, then got up at 7am to get to work, and is now going down to London to present, I completely understand any feelings of working too hard. Enjoy your good fortune to be able to make this decision. I know I would.


Nice post; saved in posts/motiv. :slight_smile:


Good for you Jeff. Very respectable.


Once again, congratulations to you and your growing family. Thank you for all your hard work on both StackExchange and this blog. Enjoy your time with your family as it will go by in a heartbeat if you blink. I do hope we see you again out here on the web. Until then good sir, Godspeed.


Sincerely, Thank you for posting this. The startup world needs more people making a public example of what true, balanced, success is in this life.


This is the first time I have ever allowed any site to access my FB credentials… didn’t want to miss a chance to convey my best wishes… best of luck SIR.
Gaurav Pandey


Wishing you best of luck in your life…


A blog on parenting seems like the most natural next step. I anxiously await it, while thanking you for your outstanding and life-changing work at the Stack Exchange. Best of luck, friend.


The internet wouldn’t be as good as it is now without you. I hope you enjoy the same powerful clarity of vision and care in all of your future endeavors (inside your home and outside it). Thank you, Jeff.


Indeed, you made the web a better place. I assure you that I rarely “google” my programming questions, usually I “stack overlow” them (patent pending). However, I can’t wait to see more projects from you. Godspeed, for now.