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Don't Forget To Lock Your Computer


A few more favorites, edit their wallpaper file and put an error dialog box right into the center, of course they can’t click it and get riled up because they can’t clear the “error”.

Decrease resolution to 640x480, increase fonts and icons to maximum - I actually did this to a guy that wore coke bottle glasses and he LOZVED it!

I used to have an executable file that just played a few gun shots, a fart, burp and a scream. Put it in the startup folder and turn their volume up as load as it will go without hissing, log off.


Ah sweet sweet ‘Goating’. My favorite goat technique is to send out an email stating his/her resignation.


It’s not goating. It’s goading.

Goad \Goad, v. t. [imp. p. p. {Goaded}; p. pr. vb. n.
To prick; to drive with a goad; hence, to urge forward, or to
rouse by anything pungent, severe, irritating, or inflaming;
to stimulate.
[1913 Webster]

     That temptation that doth goad us on.    --Shak.


you should really have your computers locked when you’re not around. Are you sure that no one in your company dislikes you?

btw, how likely is anyone gonna be suspicious of a person wearing a Fedex/IBM shirt and wandering about in your office premises? Those are trustworthy companies.


for the person who’s trying to change the screen resolution without admin rights, use this.


works a treat. For some very odd reason, every Dell PC with a 17" LCD is set to 1024x768 by default, when it should be 1280x1024.


Violence is your answer to a simple prank? You seem to have some anger problems. Not that I endorse all of the suggestions here, but a simple desktop change (not to porn) or a silly email sent to others is a harmless way to add a little embarrassment to the lapse of not locking a computer. Much more effective than just a note on the screen.


A very great way to play a prank on someone. An inspiration to teach people the importance of computer security :slight_smile:


Personally, there’s very little someone could gain from accessing my computer with my account, other than the ability to use my email address. I’m even thinking of changing that by ditching Outlook and using the webmail. The only issue there is saving old email, since IT doesn’t like anyone storing email on the server for any period of time.

On the other hand, I still have my computer set to lock itself after a couple of minutes. The real issue I have is when someone uses my computer while I’m out of the office, with their own login/password, and manages to screw up the system by installing a virus or spyware, and I end up spending a day or two getting the system back into working order instead of doing any actual work.


Of course, there are the low-level “classics” (for people with really old work hardware!):


You can use them even if the target computer is locked: just turn off the power, insert disk/CD and wait for the victim to boot up. Both are very NSFW so don’t just go and write the disk images on your boss’ hard drive…


Although I like a good laugh, I think this kind of behavior is very rude. Accidentally leaving the front door of your house open isn’t an excuse for anyone to just go in and spray graffiti all over the wall, is it? Of course it could, and probably should be qualified as “your own dumb fault” but that doesn’t make it less rude in my eyes. If you really respect your colleagues you should note them of locking their workstations in a more friendly way.


What’s interesting to me is the number of people here who don’t see the fundamental difference between (a) changing somebody’s wallpaper to something silly (not pornographic), which makes the point but is easily fixed without wasting someone’s time, and (b) making changes that will cause the person to waste hours of time and aren’t easy to fix.

(b) is not a prank; it’s vandalism.

Oh, and a fun one in some versions of Windows was to go into Control Panel Mouse, click the Orientation tab, and move the mouse steadily to the upper-right or upper-left. Alas, I’m not sure Windows XP has that tab anymore.


Nice :slight_smile:

Where I live, i can leave my computer open for all eternity, and nothing bad will happen! Not for the others though.
I will use this here :
a href='http://www.oldschool.grwww.oldschool.gr/a


The absolute best at my place of employment, where I am the chief perpetrator, is you go into their outlook, then set it to open their Adaware everytime they get an email from someone specific, like yourself or their boss. Then they start to think they have a virus or spyware within 2-3 emails, never fail. Lock your stations!


We have been goa(d)ting at my cube farm for some months now, its getting harder to find unlocked computers these days :slight_smile:

And my favorite prank is to change the “Target” in the properties of IE shortcut icon in the desktop and quicklaunch to “shutdown.exe -s -t 0” and save the user’s open files to a temporary folder and lock their system (so someone else does not do a double prank) and after the user returns, tell them there’s some important headline in some news website so they click their IE icon and the system shuts down :smiley:


The clippy spoof works great in wine-0.9.47. Thank god the team I lead is using Ubuntu, loathes Windows, has a passion for hating clippy, and for some reason has given me sudo rights on all their boxen…


Wow I sure am glad I read this! Now i understand why everything is so screwed up in this country! If you actually spent as much time and effort actually doing something productive instead of screwing over your friends and fellow workers, imagine how much more sense everything would make! This goes on in HOSPITALS and stuff too. No I’m sorry, mild electrocution is too nice! Permanent ink in the face should be added at the very least! And any and all instances of goating found should get their butts chewed for decreasing productivity under the raggedly thin disguise of security. Seems like this is the kind of thing causing so much INSECURITY in an office setting. I wouldn’t just not feel right about doing this kind of thing, I would be horribly ashamed. And I would never trust you with anything of any importance either because it’s quite clear you are still about 12 years old emotionally. No wonder the government is so paranoid, since this is so widespread. Can’t you guys see what’s WRONG about this? YOU ARE the people we must worry about, not some imagined outside threat! YOU ARE the people screwing up productivity! YOU ARE what you claim to be teaching us to protect ourselves from!I wonder if we cut this bs out for just one week how much better everything would work? I bet you couldn’t do it though because it gives you such a sense of power, control and prowess to screw with people doesn’t it? GET A LIFE!


I can’t believe what kind of managers there are out there. Not locking your computer is a pretty small misstake and I doubt its very likely to lead to a real security problem. I think there are much worse things you should concentrate on. If someone unknown sits by my computer and starts stealing stuff I can be sure someone around starts raising some serious questions.

Ok so you forgot to lock the computer, made a misstake. Do you handle all misstakes the same way. Send out on email to the entire company: “Listen up people! Today John has fucked up again! He did this and that! Shame on him!” Like public humilation for small misstakes? I’m pretty sure your company goes straight to hell with that attitude. If it’s a real problem, you take it up with him privately.

Changing a screensaver, well thats funny. Public humilation, or straight out sabotage on someone elses computer is not. Not to mention sending email in someone elses name is a criminal act.


You can still have fun if the PC IS locked …
Anyone still using a ball mouse? Just remove the ball out of their mouse :slight_smile: although this DOES make the mouse feel a lot lighter. Or just unscrew the bottom and leave … when they pick the mouse up, the ball falls out.
Alternatively, having sysadmin privileges is fun when your “target” doesn’t.
One guy wrote an AS/400 login script, which required the target to answer “Yes” to 3 questions, (basically admitting his love for a rival football team) BEFORE his login continued. If he answered “no” to any of the questions, he was immediately logged out. The guy left this login script on the targets account for a a good few weeks! Classic!


One particularly excellent instance of ‘goating’ (incidentally I never knew it was called that), involved a colleague not locking his station, AND leaving himself logged into facebook. Of course it was almost ‘de rigeur’ that I change his facebook profile picture and tag him in it, the new pic? well that was a naked cowboy sat on a washtub… god bless you google images!


Dude, don’t touch my shit. Don’t vandalize my mouse, don’t swap my m and n keys, don’t change my settings, don’t send an email from my computer offering free donuts to everyone. If I wanted to work in a God-pounded kindergarten, that’s where I’d be.

Do you want me to start spitting in your soda when you’re away from your desk?