Coding Horror Stickers


I got my sticker today as well, I posted a picture up on my blog.

I was wondering… how well do you think it will stick to my laptop? I’d like to be able to remove it if I ever sell this thing… but I also don’t want it to start peeling. Thoughts?


How big is a nickel?..


they are cool
i have no credit card to get one
someday i will get mines
im from chile i follow your blog for igoogle
keep writing

xavier Domingo estudent


Hello can you please email me if you can send me a sticker? Please? PLEASE? Thank you for your time.


I paid the $4 for international shipping on December 7th. I haven’t received any confirmation or anything. Oh well, I’m not so sorry for the money, but more because I would really liked to get those stickers.


I take it back. Stickers came today. It just took a month, but they’re awesome. Thank you!


Is this still a thing? I ordered stickers in early October and they still haven’t come to Georgia yet.


I send them out roughly every 2-3 months so that sounds about right.


Thanks for the reply – I’ll look for them to come at the beginning of February at the latest!


Hey Jeff. I ordered mine about a month ago, still haven’t received them yet. Is it expected to so?


They are fulfilled about once every two months on average. This was visible two posts above yours, read up ↑↑↑↑


Read it after I posted, my bad! And thank you!